Gillette Venus Divine Razor

Gillette Venus Divine Razor

              Rated #11 in Shaving & Hair Removal
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92% Recommended
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Goodbye stubble Before I used this product I ran out of razors quick they were poor quality this one is out standing easy to use gives you a super close shave leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and clean you couldn't ask for a better product I never miss any hairs with it I'd recommend this to every person who appreciates a good shave an a plus with this one

Gillette Venus Divine Razor This is the only razor I will use. I love all Gillette Venus Razors, they always give the closest shave, and I have never cut myself. Also, the shave is so close that I don't have to shave as often as with other razors.

worth the money they cost, last for a while and leave u so soft and smooth

This is one my favorite razors no cuts or razor burn. It is a little expensive but it lasts a long time and does a great job.

The shave you get is worth the price

Venus razors a great the only problem is the price.

The name says it all for me, Gillette Venus Divine Razor works divinely!

Venus razors are my absolute favorite, and while some might view them as kind of expensive, I have no problem with the extra cost because I know I'm getting a better product with a higher value for my money.

Great razor but a bit costly for me!

Great razor but a bit pricey.

They are not my favorites but i have used them when i can't find my Venus. They will do the trick but i would not recommend them.

Who dosent love venus they have such great products I just love them.

While these are fairly expensive, they work really well!

Venus razors (like all the different kinds) are my favorite!!! I always buy Venus razors and I like to try the different kinds they come out with as often as I can. Venus is kind of pricey but you really get a close shave with their razors. When I tried this one I noticed a nice close shave and no razor burn. The razor seemed to last pretty long and I really liked the quality of it. It comes with something to hang in the shower (which sometimes falls down but easily goes back up) so that was convenient to hang it in the shower.

I love Venus razors. They are expensive for a box of razors, but well worth it.