Gift It: Creating An Impressive Gift Closet By 08.15.12
Gift It: Creating An Impressive Gift Closet
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Have you ever had to come up with a last minute gift for a birthday party or another event? I've found that having a gift closet is a great way to avoid last minute trips to the store.



I keep all the gifts in my basement, in a section only for gifts. This way I am able to remember what I bought. I also add on sticky notes, noting who this would be a good gift for. And when it comes to regifting, be sure to add notes, saying who gave you the gift, so you don't regift back to them!


Here are some occassions to keep in mind when you are stocking your gift closest:

  • birthday parties
  • Christmas
  • graduations
  • anniversaries
  • weddings
  • baby showers

What Kind of Gifts?

Here are some ideas of what I have stockpiled over the years.

Anniversaries- Depending on the year, 25th, which is silver and 50th is gold, you can create a collage in Shutterfly (I did this for my in-law's 35th anniversary), framed photos of the couple on their wedding day, or convert some old video tapes of them to computer-ready format, so they can be shared on Facebook and emailed to family and friends.

Baby showers – Diapers, wipes, a favorite board book, all are good ideas. Think practical! I also like diaper cake ideas, you can find instructions on Pinterest.

Birthday parties – Board games, dolls, gift cards, books. For older kids, you can't go wrong with gift cards. A good time to stock up is when Target has their clearance sale in January and July.

Weddings – This is harder to stock up on, because I normally go off the person's registry list. But if you want to have basic gifts on hand, you can't go wrong with gift baskets, photo frames from Pottery Barn, a memory box. My go-to sources for wedding gifts are Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel and Williams Sonoma. They regularly have sales online and in-store.

Graduations – Prepackaged treats, a gift box of cleaning supplies, movie tickets, restaurant gift cards, and of course, cash!


And don't forget...

To keep on hand the following supplies to make your gift giving easier!

  • wrapping paper, in holiday prints and solids
  • gift bags
  • tissue paper
  • ribbon
  • tags
  • tape
  • scissors

Do you have a go-to gift that you keep on hand in your gift closet?

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  • glitteredscrubs By glitteredscrubs

    I try to use the brand coupons or offers to buy things and keep them in my closet for gifts... this way i'm not charging everything on my credit card for Christmas or birthdays. Plus its great to stock up on things that go on sale after the holiday is gone to use for next year.

  • NinaMo By NinaMo

    this is a good idea! I should keep some gifts for housewarmings or random friend birthdays. Places like Marshall's or Home Goods always have great things if you have time to search for them!

  • Kim2Scott By Kim2Scott

    I have done for Christmas and for one of my sister's and niece's. I would like to have a gift closet in my bedroom, but don't have the room or money. I have some family members that are hard to buy for and some who are easy to buy for. The only problem I have with the gift closet, what happens if someone doesn't collect something anytime or their hobbies changes.

  • kennerz1234 By kennerz1234

    great tips! I usually don't buy gifts ahead of time but now i think i will start

  • bonbon2007 By bonbon2007

    I do buy gifts during sale...i keep them for xmas mainly.

  • razzy927 By razzy927

    I have a gift closet I stock with clearance toys and other items I find throughout the year. Both my children just had a birthday and I didn't have to buy a single gift. And for cards I take advantage of the free card deals offered online.

  • roxannec2 By roxannec2

    I have a gift closet. I buy items with a theme. This way I have items to put together in gift basket. At the end of a season, I buy rock bottom clearance items. At the end of summer, I lick up things for a beach basket, etc.

  • mahnooratif By mahnooratif

    haha! i ALWAYS USE THESE TIPS! sometimes they work but sometimes go not so well.. :P but that might jus be me..

  • alwaysblabbing By alwaysblabbing

    I have a closet full of presents. My mother passed this idea down to me. Whenever I see a great bargain that Im sure someone can use I pick it up. It helps a lot when Christmas comes along and you don't have to spend so much at one time.

  • babsywabs By babsywabs

    I do something similar to this. I have a drawer in my guest room dresser where I keep candles, coffee mugs, "trinket-y" items, etc., for potential future gifts. I also shop for clearance items after Christmas - plates, cups, serving dishes - that I can use for the following Christmas for food gifts. Frequently after the holidays you can find cute Christmas items for next to nothing. And a plate of Christmas cookies is always well accepted!

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