Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownie Mix

Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownie Mix

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There is no other brownie mix. This is the best brownie mix, hands down. Crispy where it needs to be, gooey where it needs to be, and even when over-baked, still perfect. Pro-tip, make it with hazelnut oil and it's UNREAL.

Family Favorite These are sooo yummy! Why make them from scratch when these are easy and affordable and better than most recipes?!

Always and forever, these brownies. The best boxed brownie brand there ever was, need I say more.

Best brownie mix ever Best tasting brownies. Easy to make. Rich and satisfying everytime. Can never go wrong with these.

Yum! This brownie mix is amazing!!! It had the perfect texture and taste when directions were followed

Delicious If you?re looking for a good and delicious brand of brownies, this is the one for you! These brownies are chewy and moist!

fantastic absolutely love these brownies, so easy to make you feel shameless for telling everyone you made them. they are one of the best brownies out there

Best Mix Ever I love the rich chocolate taste. They turn out perfectly every time. I adapt them with using an egg replacement (due to an allergy) and they taste just the same.

Chocolatey The best boxed brownie mix ever! Chocolatey and rich!

Great brownies This makes the best brownies. They use high quality chocolate which is so key.

Yummy and delicious Absolutely the best brownie mix ever! Buy it and you will agree.

yummy and decadent This is yummy and decadent. Not for dieters. This is yummy and decadent. Not for dieters. This is yummy and decadent. Not for dieters.

Rich and Delicious Only thing better is homemade, and this is so much easier.

If you are going to use a box mix to make brownies - this is the only one you should use. The chocolate taste is deep and rich.

Ghirardelli is top-notch! I'm a huge fan of Ghirardelli chocolate bars, so I was eager to try this brownie mix. It's rich and decadent but easy to prepare. I don't mind admitting to guests that I used a brownie mix when it's a high-quality chocolatey one like this!