Get a personal assistant. Siri-ously.

SS Member Image By Digitwirl 09.14.11
Get a personal assistant. Siri-ously.
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Sometimes it’s the smallest tasks that take the most time. And who doesn’t have a never ending to do list that seems impossible to get through? Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a personal assistant to take care of all that stuff for you? Guess what, there is an app for that. Siri. And it is Siri-ously amazing.

In this week’s Twirl check out Carley hanging out with her gal pal–the wonderfully talented singer, and typically time-challenged mom– Lisa Loeb ( She’s looking to simplify her life, just like we all are. You’ll be as amazed as she was when we introduced her to Siri (, a virtual assistant that is at your beck and call 24/7. Siri will send you reminders for things you need to do, find businesses and restaurants wherever you are, show you what kid’s events are going on, and even create a tweet, all without touching a keypad. This productivity app uses simple voice command, so you say it, Siri does it. Don’t you wish you could say the same about your family?

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  • CarolinaMama By CarolinaMama

    Awesome, awesome!

  • Tricias-List By Tricias-List

    Just downloaded the app on my iPhone.It's cool,but it's not finding certain things for me.Maybe it's because I have a cold and it's not reading my voice correctly.We'll see how Siri works for me later !

  • lmphinney By lmphinney

    I agree with emimorgan. I want this asap too, but Droid version not available. Maybe if they hear from enough of us that will change.

  • ajmorrison By ajmorrison

    wow! I just downloaded it and it's great. It's especially helpful for locating places and getting phone numbers and such. I'll see how long I use it though. That's the true test of a really helpful app. I agree, it should sych with my calendar on my Iphone. That would be a huge help. Remind me to go to a meeting or take my kid to practice would be perfect.

  • zoethegreat By zoethegreat

    Ok. So the Siri app is definitely cool but, who knew that Lisa Loeb was married and had a kid? I remember that she did a reality show to find love. Guess it worked. I think she's seriously talented.

  • emimorgan By emimorgan

    want this asap.. but they don't have an android version.

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