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Get Your (Chemical-Free) Glow On

Get Your (Chemical-Free) Glow On


Summer is here, and we’re all craving some vitamin D. The safe way to soak in the sunshine is with a protective coat of sunscreen. But we have to admit, we miss the healthy glow that comes from a summer suntan. If you want the best of both worlds — to capture a sun-kissed glow without damaging your skin — Solerra self-tanning solutions are the perfect remedy.

Solerra’s sunless tanners don’t have chemical stains or dyes in them, like most tanners do. Instead, Solerra uses caramel and walnut extracts to achieve a natural bronze color. Their formulas contain no parabens, have been allergy-tested, and won’t clog pores. To counteract the drying effect of DHA, Solerra uses special moisturizers that leave skin feeling silky smooth. The company is led by Angie Trelstad, a redhead who knows the perils of sensitive skin. Angie helped develop other tanning products before she joined Solerra, where she finally found a self-tanning product that works and is healthy for your skin.

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For immediate color, Solerra’s Instant Bronze formula delivers a sunless tan that lasts 7 to 10 days. Solerra also offers a clear formula that gradually tans skin over a four- to six-hour period for a more subtle (but equally long lasting) color. The tanners are applied with a mitt, so you don’t stain your hands. The clear formula is also available in a cream, to help maintain a natural tan look between bronzer applications. It’s the ideal summer solution: Sun-kissed skin without the damage from sunshine.

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  • jlindseyc By jlindseyc

    i have used self tanner before...I have pale skin and am very cautious about always wearing sunscreen. However, I was surprised to find out that I had very low levels of Vitamin D and discovered that wearing an SPF of 15 or higher prevents your body from being able to absorb Vitamin D naturally from the sun. I've opted to keep the SPF and take a Vit D supplement.

  • MadHatter By MadHatter

    I have used many self tanners in my years and to tell you the truth there are only 2 things i notice from almost all of them. 1. they promised no streaking and no odd blotchy color, i find that to be false. 2. they smell bad... i am going to pass up on wasting money on buying these products and just go and enjoy the actual sun while applying a lot of SPF 50 on me every half and hour.

  • RacingLiberty By RacingLiberty

    I have used several self tanners but along with MadHatter above, I agree - THEY ALL SMELL BAD. I can't even wear them because i hate the chemical smell. I've even tried regular body lotions with just a teeeeeny bit of "gradual, over time" tanning stuff in them (not as hard core as the super tanners that are supposed to get you tan in a few hours) and even THEY smell bad. What gives?!

  • shannon42681 By shannon42681

    I have tried some different self tanners and I also think they smell funny, and some make you look orange, and you can tell if you miss a spot.

  • autumnmedora By autumnmedora

    I had decided a while ago to stop tanning in tanning beds, but i really miss having that beautifaul glow. I've also had soo much trouble with self tanners.With self tanners I always find myself orange or streeky. I have had spray tan that I had the great results from was from Hawiian Holiday Tanning Salon, it came out in a beautiful color, the only part i disliked is that I had excess lotion left between my fingers which made them orange but went away within a few days. though i would much rather use a great home self tanner rather than spending so much money at a solon.

  • petalovesyou By petalovesyou

    I tryed other products and they just leave spots, and you end up looking orange.

  • wchandor By wchandor

    Hi there -- I am in the video and was one of the testers of Solerra for Daily Grommet. And I was skeptical at first, as well. The nice thing about Solerra is the smell is not strong -- it smells like Pina Coladas and then the smell dissipates. You apply this after the shower (and you must exfoliate!) and I was surprised by how it didn't smell and it dried quickly. My tan was gradual over the day -- it got darker over about 4-6 hours. As far as streaking, Solerra recommends applying in a circular motion, rather than in a style like a paint brush. Does that make sense? Use a circular motion. I'm impressed by how it worked and how natural it looks (not orange). Wendy

  • wildwo2 By wildwo2

    I've tried many self tanners. Some leave me very streaky, some leave me orangey and almost yellow. There is one that I really liked but I was never able to remember the name. They are extremely hit or miss.

  • texasmomma By texasmomma

    I have used various brands and some work better than others. I do agree that they all smell. The problem I've encountered is once it starts to fade the color becomes very blotchy and can't be evened out after reapplying more tanner.

  • sugarsnatcher By sugarsnatcher

    I have used many brands of self-tanners and I've had about the same results as most - foul smell, streaks, orange coloring. I have very fair skin and stay out of the sun as much as possible and use baby sunscreens with very high SPF because not only do I burn, but skin cancer runs in my family. However, I have to say that the tips (exfoliation and circular motion application) sound logical, so maybe there is hope after all?

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