Get Rock Star Fashion (And Makeover Your Man)

   By makeovermomma  Jul 24, 2011

I love talking about fashion with my female friends, but very rarely seek the advice of men. Even though She Speaks is all about hearing what "she" has to say, every so often it can't hurt to hear "his" thoughts too. I interviewed the up-and-coming band Key To The Midway, who's Debut EP hit "Keep It To Yourself" is climbing up the charts. After all, who knows fashion better than rock stars? Read their advice and see if you (or your man) are Hollywood material...

1. She is a website for women (obviously), but most women secretly wonder what guys think about their clothing. What sort of trends do you see on ladies that you love and hate?

Ryan:   "As long as they wear clothing with confidence that is fine. I don’t like gouchos"...

Drew:  "Yeah, I don’t like it when girls wear jumpers".

CoCo:  "My picture perfect woman is a woman in a business suit with black frame glasses and hair pulled back. On the flip side, I dont like yoga pants".

2. As a band who's songs are climbing up the charts, you clearly have to worry about what you wear. Where do most men go wrong in the world of fashion?     

Drew:  "They buy into too much fashion and don’t play toward their strengths".

Jesse:  "Baggy Jeans"

CoCo:  "They are unable to coordinate colors".

3. Most of the She Speak readers have husbands who are not exactly fashionistas. How can women help their man look good, without being too pushy?

Jesse:  "If you go out and buy them the clothes, they will wear them". 

CoCo:  "Take them out shopping and tell them they look good".

Shane:  "Mention positive things every once and a while"

* Share Your Thoughts: What is the one thing you've worn that has been "man approved", which you did not expect?


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basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Aug 09, 2011

White Polo oxford, not tucked in, with jeans.