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  • kkristinaa By  kkristinaa    

    So good that I love them too!

    Every child I've taken care of over the years, LOVES these! And I won't lie, I kind of do too! Haha!

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  • Dawn1675 By  Dawn1675    

    My goto snack

    My son loves these. It's an easy snack to take when your out and about with your kids.

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  • arianaherrera By  arianaherrera    

    Great for pincer grasp. Yummy flavors.

    These Gerber snacks are the best! They teach your baby to develop his/her pincer grasp and they taste so good! My kids have tried these at 6-7 months when they began having anything other than breast milk. I have a toddler who loves them still because her baby sister is currently eating them. They're great!

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  • Irenaavi By  Irenaavi    


    Favorite kids snack, we still sometimes buy it as their toddlers now and still love it as much as they did as babies. Love how it comes in many varieties of flavors. All very good.

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  • Mhebert16 By  Mhebert16    


    Absolutely love the puffs. I love how they come in so many different flavors. My daughter loved them and they taste good for parents too!!

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  • Vbreeebb By  Vbreeebb    


    My daughter really enjoys these and they are so easy for her to eat without me worrying She will get choked. I love how easy of a snack it is for her

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  • tsmith4 By  tsmith4    

    Gerber Puffs are good for fine motor too!!!!

    I have never met a little bundle of joy who does not like Gerber Puffs. These are a crowd-pleaser!

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  • fmd518 By  fmd518    

    Great Product

    Gerber Puffs all my kids loved these when they were little. Such a great product and a great snack for babies.

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    Gerber Puffs are great because you can sit out a couple at a time and keep the rest fresh.

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  • jodihunter By  jodihunter    

    Delicious Treat

    We love these at our house, they never fail to be a delicious treat.

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  • eview1 By  eview1    

    Crunchy, healthy snack-perfect for anyone.

    I don't have any kids so I buy these for myself because they are so good to eat for a snack. The Gerber veggie snacks are tasty, low fat and low calorie. They are very crunchy and tasty.

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  • stef42678 By  stef42678    

    A Great Snack

    These are such a great snack for little ones! I love how easy they are to take on the go, and it is easy for little ones to feed themselves and they seem to love the taste!

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  • Michellelbaker By  Michellelbaker    

    My grandson loves these little snacks. He eats the generic just fine to and not so expensive. Could go down in price

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  • Caligirl008 By  Caligirl008    

    My infant loves these! They're a great way to introduce finger foods, and even though she doesn't have teeth yet she's able to eat these well since they dissolve quickly.

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  • glad2bamom By  glad2bamom    

    awesome taste

    My kids love these Gerber puffs. They are super easy to digest and yummy for kiddos. My kids love sweet potato flavor.

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