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  • Crunchymama09 By  Crunchymama09    

    My kids like them.

    My kids love the flavors, I love how they melt quickly so I don't have to worry about chocking.

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  • jenmartin74 By  jenmartin74    

    They were a hit!

    These are a great early food. My baby loves them and they were great for learning to chew.

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  • Browneyedgirl90 By  Browneyedgirl90    

    Great for on the go days. All three of my children loved these.

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  • Honeybunnysmommy By  Honeybunnysmommy    

    They're ok.

    My son liked eating these but I was little concerned that they dissolved on his teeth. So on rare occasions he can have them but I prefer to give him fresh organic fruit instead.

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  • Braunkatie By  Braunkatie    

    My son loves these! I go through so many a day! I wish they were a little cheaper, but I will still buy

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  • Sammyjay95 By  Sammyjay95    

    Not for us.

    My daughter disliked these very much. And once I decided to try it myself to see what I was trying to feed her. And it was god awful. It had the worst lingering taste. And I know it want just the one bag because I decided to open up a new flavor and taste it. I felt so bad that I was trying to feed her this nasty chalky stuff. I know everyone has different likes. So maybe it just wasn't for us. But after tasting it my self it tasted so chalky and chemically. I wouldn't recommend.

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  • justy77 By  justy77    


    My daughter did not like them when she was 12 months but I retried them at 15 months aand ahead loves them.

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  • BeautyReviewer By  BeautyReviewer    

    Great snack option, especially when on the go - no mess. My daughter is a toddler now and still loves these. I actually tasted them myself, and they taste great!

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  • disneymommy12 By  disneymommy12    

    My daughters can not get enough of these. They are so wonderful! They like to try different ones each time we go to the store and they are begging to have them opened before I can get them in the car. These are a must have in our Kitchen pantry.

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  • ldyans17 By  ldyans17    

    Great for beginning self feeders

    All my kids have loved these yogurt melts. They taste great, and yes I tried them, dissolve well and are a great size for my 10 month old to pick up. I like that there are several flavors to choose from too, so my little girl doesn't get bored with the same flavor.

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  • resmiley03 By  resmiley03    

    My baby loves this! I have to hide the package if not he can eat the whole bag in one sitting.

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  • SavannahaPaige By  SavannahaPaige    

    Love these!

    They are yummy, my daughter loves them. They aren't messy at all and easy to eat so no chocking!

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  • Ponce35 By  Ponce35    

    Great snack

    I liked how this melt so easy. But have to be careful with the kids putting to many at a time.

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  • deanna519 By  deanna519    


    These are amazing! Healthy, but still can be used as a treat for my kiddos. Even my older kiddos love them!

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  • T2them By  T2them    

    Yummy in the tummy

    My kids love these and they are easy to take with on the go not to bad on price not to mention I have tried them and they don't taste 1/2 bad

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