Gerber Gentle Plus Formula

Gerber Gentle Plus Formula

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I used this formula with my first and it was great she never had gases or any in comfort with it.

All of my children used this product and never had any issues.

Easy on the Stomach.! When my daughter was born they gave Similac in the hospital when she drunk Similac it was orange when she spit it up and made her stomach upset all the time. Switched to good start and when I made the bottle the milk looked like regular milk not like something that was made in the factory. She easily digested it her poops were normal never had an upset stomach or gassy from the milk.

Even though my son is now on this formula, I do not like it as much as Similac formula. Granted we are using the purple label as opposed to the orange label I have found that this formula does not mix as well as Similac formula does. I can shake the bottle as much as I want but sometimes there are still clumps or formula where it hasn't mixed well. Although this formula hasn't bothered my son & seems fine with him I still prefer using Similac.

This is the only formula I could use interchangeable with nursing. It never made my baby sick. It's a great Product

My daughter is on this formula now, he is so easy to use and we have not had a problem with her on it. Really enjoy using this formula

It didn't work out for my son but I don't think its a bad product.

All of my children had a lactose sensitivity when they were born. The hospital gave us sample of the Similac Sensitive formula for my first 2 children, but I never stuck to the brand because they are so expensive. When my third child was born, we were given samples of the Gerber Gentle Plus, as my doctor knew that my first 2 had lactose sensitivity. I was much happier with this brand. The formula does not cost nearly as much as Similac, and, while I had difficulty finding Similac Sensitive in the various grocery stores I shop at, I never had trouble finding the Gerber Gentle Plus in any grocery store. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because of price. I have a family of 5 and it is still a bit high in price for our budget.

This formula was great for my son when he was smaller. It was gentle on his tummy and didn't see any problems with it. We tried other brands but this one was by far the best for him.

I use Gerber goodstart sensitivity for my son and it's always been my favorite. He doesn't spit up at all and never has a tummy ache.

After feeding this to my son, he didn't have a bowel movement for 3 days. I switched formulas.

You can get coupons for this I'm and wic usually covers this in the states a Tennessee great formula to use compared to breast-feeding for me

This formula made the daughter severely constipated! I had high hopes because of the good reviews, but it's not for everyone.

Gerber has always been a well known and trusted brand!

As my breast milk was really low right from day 1, we had to give of DS formula milk. This was recommended from the hospital and its the best. He is 5 months old now and still likes this very much. He does have very little reflux; but seems thats pretty common at his age. I recommend them very much