General Mills Total Whole Grain

General Mills Total Whole Grain

              Rated #77 in Cereal & Breakfast Food
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77% Recommended
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I personally love Total because it's very healthy and it keeps me full for hours after so I don't get those diet breaking snack cravings. It's a great value for what it does for your body and your tummy.

i tried the new total whole grain and i like it just fine, so i would suggest it to my friends and its very healthy.

My kids eats this cereal as a snack. While none of them will eat it with milk, they all seem to agree tha it makes a great snack!

I think it has a reat taste ,and the kods love it

I usually go for the healthier cereal's most the time so I don't mind that it is not you're average sweet sugary cereal. It wasn't bad for a plain whole grain cereal. I would eat it again just wouldn't be my first choice.

a good tasting nutritional cereal. i swirl a bit of agave nectar on for a bit of sweetness.

I tried Total. I am always looking for anything whole grain. It was Ok, not my favorite though.

I love this cereal. Yes, it's a bit whole grainy, but I love the taste. I know when I am eating a cereal that has more whole grains and wheat that I am getting more daily fiber.

smells and tastes like chewing on a vitamin pill, ugh!