General Mills Total Blueberry Pomegranate Cereal

General Mills Total Blueberry Pomegranate Cereal

              Rated #82 in Cereal & Breakfast Food
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75% Recommended
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You forget that you are eating healthy when you eat this cereal. It is good with soy, coconut or cows milk. I also crush mine up and use as a crumble in my granola cause the fruit pieces add numminess to the yogurt.

I love this cereal!!! Taste great. Always in the pantry!!!

Really tasty breakfast choice. I love the flavor and the nutrients that come along with the cereal.

no blueberries, no pomagranate, just flavorings. What a rip-off!

The first taste I got was an sample and I had to buy a box.

I havent had a chance to try this cereal yet but I will soon !!!!

Love, love, love blueberry/ pomagranate taste, as well as TOTAL brand cereals!Put them together & it's a win win situation. (I eat it anytime of day/ night!)

It was ok. It did not have a lot of flavor or blueberries.

I really liked this sample, went out and bought a full size box that very weekend and have been enjoying these every other morning for about 2 weeks. I thought the taste was true to advertisement. Yes there is a strong blueberry flavor, but if you do like blueberries, you'll like this flavor. It does not taste "fake" or too sugary. I ate the sample box dry at my desk at work and couldn't belive how good it tasted.

i love the way it taste

Not a fan of the pomegranate, just didn't like the taste.

These are ok. They get a little soft in milk so I usually add them to my yogurt.

The flakes have a not-very-nice texture.

I like the way these taste.

The flakes were large, sweet & crunchy with a strong blueberry flavor, however the fruit flavored clusters were tiny & pathetic.