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  • SweetPea83 By  SweetPea83    

    Fiber one is pretty good. I like their chocolate chip fiber bars and their cookies are good as well! Their chocolate chip cookies are my new fav!

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  • shana804 By  shana804    

    This is good. Just not my favorite

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  • winnie05 By  winnie05    

    They taste great and my son loves them too!

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  • cadensgran-gran By  cadensgran-gran    

    has very good taste, and a lot of variety to choose from... they are filling and easy to take eith u where v=ever u go

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  • cptnhggyfce By  cptnhggyfce    

    They are very yummy, and they are healthier than other packaged granola bars.

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  • Abbieschmit By  Abbieschmit    

    If your looking for a candy bar move on, but I'd your looking for a snack to satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way -sister stop at FiberOne! I try to eat healthy, but boy do I struggle. At 120 calories a piece an enough fiber to keep me going !) this is one of my top snacks.

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  • jtasgurl81 By  jtasgurl81    

    These are so good. Chewy and very delicious and they're a good source of fiber, which a plus plus plus!

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  • my3sons220 By  my3sons220    

    I have tried this basr its not to bad at all, and Im a pickie person,

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  • didama By  didama    

    I love these! particularly the peanut variety. I like that they are tasty and low calorie. I don't feel guilty after eating one!

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  • Lizzlebit By  Lizzlebit    

    A good bar to keep you full in between meals--I like that they are a healthy choice for me too. They are pretty yummy also!

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  • flyjudy By  flyjudy    

    I was very surprised that not only my daughter loves them but my husband also likes them. Now I can't keep enough in the house. Great Product

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  • cheerypopcorn By  cheerypopcorn    

    I am so addicted to these. I had no idea these were sold in 10 packs. I have been getting 5 packs. I think I need a 15 pack, but then I would eat more than I do. I think the drawback would be they are a little to sweet.

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  • katanaavion By  katanaavion    

    These are very tasty! The fiber in them is important for nearly every adult. The biggest drawback (other than the name) is that when your body is not used to having all the fiber it needs, it results in excessive gas and stinky runs to the bathroom. After eating these regularly for a little over a week, the gas (and gas cramps) and extra trips to the bathroom go away, when your body is used to getting the fiber it needs. I lost 8 pounds so far since starting eating these without any other changes in my diet!

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  • Darladolldoodle By  Darladolldoodle    

    I really like these bars. The only draw back for me is the name. My brain really dosn't like the name Fiber when i buy products, (it makes me feel old.) but i buy it any way because for my health i have to. but if you were to name them say... loaded granola bars, i would pick them over a candy bar every day!

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  • MsHollyBear By  MsHollyBear    

    I need to eat some kind of protein every few hours or I get dizzy and light headed. But I am also trying to lose weight. I need an in between meal snack that will tide me over, one that is healthier, and has less calories and fat than a candy bar. These Fiber One bars are great. They are filling and delicious. They only have four grams of fat per bar and 140 calories each.

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