Gayle Greeno The Ghattis Tale: Book One Finders Seekers

Gayle Greeno The Ghattis Tale: Book One Finders Seekers

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a wonderful book that keeps the pace up and allows you to really connect with the charterers. It is about a sparsely populated planet that has adapted to living on it's new home. Left over technology is rare. If you want something you make it by hand or low tech tools. The best part of the book is the characters. By characters I mean the cats as well. Similar to Earth cats but tremendously bigger the Ghatti have the ability to enter into a Bond with the human of their choose.Ghatti and human learn to mindspeak. They use this talent to become Seekers of Truth. The Bond pair never judge the person accuse. Their purpose is to bring truth to light. And any with a dispute may request a Seeker-Bond pair. The worst thing to do is to dismiss this series as just a fantasy genre. Sci Fi or fantasy just doesn't do the book justice, Is this a cat persons book? Heck yeah! Is it a non cat persons book? Absolutely! Once you get in a few pages you'll likely not want to put it down. You'll get attached to these characters very quickly.It is rare that every character has his/her own voice and story as well as these do. Gale Green has done an amazing job creating this world!