Gatsby  Moving Rubber Spiky Edge Hair Wax

Gatsby Moving Rubber Spiky Edge Hair Wax

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I ordered GATSBY MOVING RUBBER SPIKY EDGE from Amazon . It isn't a wax really but is something like a wax. The company describes the product as a 'lightweight formula, containing newly engineered polystretch fiber called moving rubber.? I've tried waxes and pomades to texturize my short, thin and very fine hair. Thus far I have fared better with wax which has helped hold my style for a bit, while giving my short choppy cut some texture. I happened upon this product, GATSBY MOVING RUBBER SPIKY EDGE while looking on Amazon for hair texturizing styling products. I was reading the reviews looking for something that stood out for short hair and worked for fine hair. Bingo, found great reviews for GATSBY MOVING RUBBER SPIKY EDGE . I was still skeptical though until I actually tried it. Amazon got the order here in under a week, around 5 days actually. It is so fun to use this product. I just apply a little product to my fingers, then rub it between my hands and apply in from my hair roots outward. Then I start pulling and twisting to piece out my hair. If I want my hair to really spike out, I apply another pea size amount of Gatsby Moving Rubber to my fingers and work in my hair from the roots outward. I watched a cpl of the Gatsby Moving Rubber styling videos on YouTube and styling was actually fun using this product. If you have hair, I am sure you will have even better results. It works good for me and my hair is very thin/fine . Even the next day I got up and just played with my hair before washing it to see how it would act. I could, if need be, just finger style it and get by if push came to shove and not have to wash it , blow it out and then reapply more GATSBY MOVING RUBBER SPIKY EDGE. GREAT huh. This product does not go on heavy or too greasy which for my thin-fine hair is a plus straight away. I can take a small dime size amount , rub it between my palms or fingertips and then rub it into my hair at the roots, then just fluff my hair out, and start pulling out pieces and twisting. No hairspray needed! You have the option with this product to keep re-styling your hair throughout the day, as long as you don't apply hair spray. I paid $11.50 for 80 grams of GATSBY ordering from Amazon. I have seen this product advertised as a men's hair product but I am 100% woman and know from all the different reviews I've read on different sites that a lot of women use this product. This product smells good to me, sort of like green apples. This is my new go to hair styling product. I wish I could find this product here locally though and save on shipping. If you have short hair and want to texturizeit,spike it or just piece it out, give GATSBY MOVING RUBBER SPIKY EDGE a go and see if it works for you. Read the reviews of this product before your drop your $$ on it and see what you think. The reviews impressed me enough to spend my hard earned bucks and I am glad I did.