Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

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Best foundation ever I use this product as my daily foundation. Whether I'm going to the gym and just want light coverage or have a girls night out and want a full face of makeup, this is my go to product. Simply by adding a little more of the product to your face, you can customize the type of coverage you want. I have oily/combination/acne-prone skin and this product has never made me break out. Plus, the value is amazing. One of these bottles lasts me about 3 months, and I use it daily year round. The finish is so natural that I've had people ask me if I'm even wearing any makeup. It simply blurs out all imperfections. It lasts a long time too without even using primer. I've been using this for about 2 years now and always come back to it!

All women need a BB cream in their bags ! BB is a good moisturizer I like the scent and the SPF in it . Although my skin is really dry BB applies well and gives my skin a glam ! If you use BB cream, make up is not necessary ! just add a little rouge and lip gloss for a light make over!

HOLY CRAP I just have to rave real quick about how AWESOME the Garnier Skin Active B.B. truly is! Anyone that knows me knows I don't use a lot of makeup - some eyeliner and mascara and MAYBE a lip gloss, on an adventurous day. I don't like putting stuff on my face (not including the obvious moisturizer, of course). But I adore the Garnier line and have been curious about B.B. Cream for a while so I decided to buy it and go for it and MAN am I happy with the results! It truly did even my skin tone, it blended so well, and it just gave me this like, fierce insane confidence at work today! (I even got hit on in the MOST obvious and terrible way, poor guy!) That hadn't happened yet at the store I'm at now until today. And I fell so in Love with this whole look, omg.

I found this on the mark down rack. It was a great BB cream. Left my skin feeling soft. It gave me a good coverage without overloading my face. When I get rid of other products and go search for a new BB cream, I just hope I can find this one.

I love to use this when I only need light coverage. It goes on nice and even and never feels heavy. It makes my skin look so fresh and dewey.

It has a great light weight coverage for combination skin like mine without any irritation

A good B&B cream. Covers up blemishes; however, it can be a bit shiny.

This was talked about a lot online and i don't know what all the hype is about. this made my skin very shiny and oily. It didn't mesh well with my skin. I wouldn't buy this again. I actually thew it out after a few months of trying it out.

This is a great product if u hv an uneven skintone.. It evens out the skin and makes it look frwsh and beautiful!

HOLY GRAIL!!! I love this BB cream and I will never ever switch (unless they stop making it)!! It is so light and works incredibly at evening out your skin tone. Definitely recommend this to EVERYONE!!

this bb cream is great there is nothing wrong with it .

I didn't think I would like this BB Cream as much as I do. I wore it for most of Summer. It had great coverage and made my skin glow without looking oily at all. I didn't have to reapply or anything. I'm always trying out different BB creams and foundations, so I'm not currently using this product, but I definitely think I'll be buying it again in the future. I love that it's so affordable and easy to find too.

I love this product! I am so glad I tried it because it really has helped with the oil control for my T-zone!

If you have oily skin AVOID the original formula! Later I tried the Oily Skin formula and it's PERFECT!👍 It gives sheer but buildable coverage.

The light looks fabulous under my liquid makeup. I put eye and pimple concealer after my moisturizer, then this BB product. I am on my 3rd or 4th tube in Light. I get lots of compliments about my 'flawless' face.