Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color

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YES I love the color vibrancy. It makes your hair shine and it's one of the few hair dyes that actually makes the color look like it does on the box. I love it. And it doesn't fry your hair.

Love how easy it is and the color always looks amazing. Smells good too!

Great for Dark Hair I love this formula from Garnier Nutriesse, it is made especially for Dark Hair and lasts longer than other boxed dyes I have used. The compliments flow whenever I use this and it compliments my skin tone perfectly, very easy to and also it has grapeseed oil for conditioning

I love this color and how cute it looks on me ! . I don't usually like anything red on my hair but geez! this one brings me out . My eyes shine and i love the brand

Works pretty good if going darker, not lighter. Covers my few greys but fades easily after a month. Makes my hair smoother and conditioning formula is great.

One of my favorites.... covers my grays great, the color lasts alot longer than most dyes out there. pretty well-priced and leaves your hair soft afterwards

Not too impressed with this one because it fades rather quickly and color doesn't look too great either. I stick with L'Oreal Feria sorry but it's much better then Garnier

Ehhhh Garnier is good for beautiful color...but color fades so fast. It doesn't stay long at all....not satisfied...switching to Revlon or Perfect 10 very soon.

Love the color!

Super easy to use and makes your hair smell amazing!

I love that it is super easy to use. You get the color you want every time! It is affordable and it doesn't fade so quickly. It covers my highlights perfectly and my grays too :( lol I recommend it. I wish they would put a second pair of gloves in the box, because once you color and let it sink in, you don't want to sit around with gloves on your hands for when it is time to rinse off.. I think having a fresh pair works better than using the old ones.

I usually use one certain brand and color of hair color but while browsing,this hair color product caught my eye. The hair color on the box was a vibrant deep intense auburn and I thought "no way you're actually going to get the same color that's on the box". Being me, I picked it up-I had to try it anyways. The results were surprising. My hair was the same exact color as what the box promised. Not only that, but it felt and looked healthier than before I colored. It was super-easy to use and I will purchase again!