Garnier Micellar Water

Garnier Micellar Water

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This Micelar Water just makes sense, it wiped off all of my make up really easy and it also helps my skin becuase it is sensible. I love it, it is just amazing.

Micellar Cleansing Water This is a very great product. It gets waterproof mascara off very easily as well as non-waterproof mascara. This also cleans your face while taking off all makeup.

Amazing I love this product and how smells . The texture is amazing and so soft. My skin looks amazing and so healthy and soft . I recommend so much

Works Great Garnier Micellar Water is a gentle yet effective cleanser. Its micelle technology swiftly removes makeup and impurities without harshness. Suitable for all skin types, it leaves a refreshed and clean feeling without residue

Must have I use this product to remove most of my makeup before washing my face with a cleanser. This is my holy grail product and I have purchased it multiple times.

Great cleanser for several occasions! I absolutely love this product! Genuinely! I have purchased it so many times. It lasts quite a long time, even if I use a heavy amount. During those days I am extremely tired and have a face full of makeup and sun lotion, this is right next to my bed. I pour a bit onto a cotton pad and place over my eyes for a few seconds and gently dab around. It INSTANTLY removes all the residue on my face. It?s crazy to see just how much it can keep pulling off. When I?m done, it doesn?t leave my skin overly dry. It leaves my skin feeling a little tacky, but the feeling dissipates; I don?t really notice it so much. Once it dries, my face feels nice and smooth! I also use it to clean the sun lotion off my neck. This product really helps so that I can quickly clean my face, feel refreshed, and get to bed right away. Other times, I use this prior to washing my face with a cleanser. It helps to speed up the process of washing my face and saves a lot of my cleanser since I have to use much less. I have gifted this to my mom and she loves it. I?ve also caught my boyfriend using this throughout the day when he?s doing cleaning/maintenance jobs around the house and on road-trips to freshen up. Try it for yourself!

Great This micellar water gets rid of all my make up, dirt and oil on my face. It?s gentle and very light it does not leave my skin irritated or feeling sticky.

Love this product I've been lazy about washing my face with cleansers and using facial wipes instead. My skin wasn't looking as bright as it used to, until I started using this. It removes all makeup, dirt, and oil, without making your skin tight and dry.

Holy grail product I use this for everything! Taking off makeup, check. Cleaning up self tanning mistakes, check. Cleaning up eyeliner mistakes, nailed it. Getting dirt off my suede shoes, only did that once but it worked (I was on a road trip). I love this stuff! It?s so gentle. It doesn?t irritate my face at all.

GOAT Micellar Water I use micellar water every night as the first step in my PM routine to remove my eye makeup. I have tried many expensive brands, but I always come back to this one by Garnier. Despite being from a drugstore brand, it is absolutely the best!

Great remover I used it to take off my makeup for a face paint contest and it worked like a charm. It got all the paint off and didn't harm or damage my skin.

loveeee itttt I absolutely hate taking off makeup because my eyelashes usually end up getting ripped out, but when I use the micellar water, my makeup comes off so easily and my eyelashes stay intact, which is nice! Super easy to use also

Absolute Magic!! I honestly didn't really understand the point of micellar water UNTIL I GOT IT. This is magic. It's almost frightening. I'll literally wash my whole face with cleanser and a wash cloth and my skin looks sparkling clean and then I'll wet a cotton swab with my micellar water and the FILTH that comes off my face is so gross and satisfying!! I don't know how it works but I love that it does!

Love it! Amazing stuff and very safe for sensitive, acne prone skin

Great Product, buy NOW I love this product! Such a great alternative to makeup wipes, and it works! It lasts forever and I am in love! GO GET NOW!!