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  • speechiemel By  speechiemel    


    I used samples of this product line and absolutely loved it. I went and bought the full sized versions expecting the same results and I was left disappointed. The products smell really nice, but the quality wasn't as great as the sample size.

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  • AlexyTheGreat By  AlexyTheGreat    

    Garnier is my all year round hair product for my dry lame hair. It leaves my hair enhanced the more and more I use it. It smells good every time and very hydrating with no weigh down. I prefer it than any other products, they are also just so convenient!

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  • clarajh By  clarajh    

    It smells great but it's just not that great as far as hydration and smoothness

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  • Jjlwood3 By  Jjlwood3    

    this shampoo is ok. nothing special. always feels as though there is build up left over after i use this product though

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  • fellowtiny By  fellowtiny    

    I liked this line of shampoos and conditioner but it didn't really hydrate as much as I expected. It wasn't much different than some of the other garner hair shampoos. It works well as a shampoo but as far as hydrating it wasn't much different so that was kind of saddening :(

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  • abbywallace By  abbywallace    

    Really love the smell of tho shampoo my mom used to use it and it reminds me of her. Love love love it

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  • fixcoffee1 By  fixcoffee1    

    Yuck! Usually love these products, but left a slick on my hair that would not go away!

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  • Skyvark By  Skyvark    

    This shampoo brand is my favorite! Currently I am using fall flight to prevent loss of hair. I also love the sleek and shine!

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  • shannonmdavis72912 By  shannonmdavis72912    

    Love the Hydra line, it's soooo aaammmmaaaazzziiinnggggg 💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟👍👍👍👍👌

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  • Brittanylynn23 By  Brittanylynn23    

    It smells nice but for me that's about it. I have really thick, curly, and frizzy hair and this left my hair even drier than it was as well as tangled up.

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  • Moesmom333 By  Moesmom333    

    Love the fragrance and how soft it makes my hair!

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  • borelliam By  borelliam    

    Great smell, but not the quality I am used to when buying Garnier. It did not give me my anticipated result and my hair was no softer than before I used the product.

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  • elisa9767 By  elisa9767    

    I have been using the hydrating recharge for a month now. My hair is naturally dry and curly with a lot of frizz. since I started using the product my hair has done a 100% turn around I put this in my hair after I get out of the shower and you dont have to use much and rub it in good and let air dry and all the frizz is gone my hair is shiny and smooth and the curls are controlled. I love this product and would recommend it to anyone.

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  • HSMommyChronicles By  HSMommyChronicles    

    I recently purchased the Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge Conditioner because the store was out of the brand that I usually use. The only plus side is the smell. My hair just did not feel soft and is super dry...even after 2 applications. I will not be buying again.

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  • rocksue77 By  rocksue77    

    I love the shampoo as one I go to when switching. I find you have to use different brands and rotate them in order to keep your head of head keep getting the results you want.

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