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  • luginacbishop By  luginacbishop    

    Thick hair no go

    I have super thick wavy hair and this product left it feeling dirty and greasy.

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  • Kushkaur By  Kushkaur    

    Not so anti-frizz

    I used this after flat ironing my hair Pros: Smells really good Cons: Doesn't help frizz and leaves hair feeling greasy

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  • Heathernicole86 By  Heathernicole86    

    My hair is naturally curly and frizzy so this stuff works great in my hair to tame it even if I wear it straight or curly my hair looks good

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  • april1049 By  april1049    

    The smell was extremely pleasant, but sadly it didn't work as well on my hair.

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  • Yourenotfetxh By  Yourenotfetxh    

    For me, this whole line of products is a waste of money. It doesn't do what's promised and it makes my hair an awkward texture. I won't be buying it again.

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  • Teacupp By  Teacupp    

    Does exactly what it saus! And it smells pretty awesome too! My hair looks very silky and sleak!

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  • aprilevans96 By  aprilevans96    

    This product makes my hair shine like crazy. It really works and keeps my hair sparkling throughout the day.

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  • willow3399 By  willow3399    

    Works, but you have to use just a very small amount and evenly disperse it, otherwise it makes your hair feel "funky", oily and sticky and you'll need to wash it out. Gives my hair an incredible shine, tames some of the frizz, and the fragrance is tolerable (others seem to really love it).

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  • AanyaY By  AanyaY    

    It does not work . It leaves my hair sticky .

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  • shannonmdavis72912 By  shannonmdavis72912    

    Does not work!

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  • hkayla08 By  hkayla08    

    It leaves your hair feeling very oily and unwashed I don't recommend anyone use this.

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  • mixed75 By  mixed75    

    I love this anti-frizz serum on my flat iorned hair. It smells good, gives my hair shine and leaves it really smooth.

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  • Arhanc02 By  Arhanc02    

    I use this to keep the frizz out of my hair it works great!

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  • leximommy By  leximommy    

    This product is not does not work on my hair. I did like the way it smelled but did not do what I wanted it to do for my hair.

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  • loveashleydawn By  loveashleydawn    

    Smells amazing. Left my hair softer bur if I used to much it was oily. As were my hands!!

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