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  • Rodentiareviews By  Rodentiareviews    

    Great price, great read!

    My husband and I both read this magazine. Great articles! Lots of information on tons of new games.

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  • SapphireStar By  SapphireStar    

    This magazine comes from GameStop. I enjoy the articles about the newest games and the tips they give.

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    Love Game Informer. My hubs and I both read it:)

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  • fatheaddog By  fatheaddog    

    The bonus is that this magazine comes with registration for the GameStop Edge card. Content is pretty good for its competition (Tips and Tricks).

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  • ThaPaige By  ThaPaige    

    Highly informative of games to be released and reviews of current releases. Also gives a head's-up and reviews on new gaming gear. Comes with registration at GameStop, just ask for an Edge card.

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