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  • empusagirl By  empusagirl    

    Uplifting Scent

    Gain is a great brand that works as well as it says. This particular scent is excellent. It is an uplifting smell. This cleans my laundry and is gentle on it as well.

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  • jlazarus By  jlazarus    

    I love how this detergent leaves laundry smelling. It is definitely one of my top 3 favorites. It also leaves clothes clean and fresh.

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  • UrsulaFoster By  UrsulaFoster    

    Smells amazing - too costly

    This stuff smells so bloody good & does a dang good job cleaning too - I just do way to much laundry (3 children 9mon to 9yr & their daddy) to invest in such a pricy product

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  • shsc82 By  shsc82    

    Love this so much

    Love the smell, love how it cleans, love gain. The only thing is I wish they'd add this scent to the pods, because I have a bit of a pod addiction!

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  • BrandyE68 By  BrandyE68    


    This is my all time favorite scent for my laundry soap (and softner). I have been using this scent since 2006ish. I have noticed its becoming harder to find at grocery stores which makes me sad. This cleans my clothes very well and leaves a fresh fruity scent. I just LOVE the scent. Also never had any issues using this in my HE front loading washer.

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  • debra870 By  debra870    

    Great product that makes clothes smell great and cleans really well.

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  • Beantowntobmore By  Beantowntobmore    

    You can never go wrong with Gain. This particular scent smells rich and wonderful.

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  • Hunter_shay By  Hunter_shay    

    Wonderful smell that really last but also gets the clothes nice and clean

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  • vanessa6297 By  vanessa6297    

    I've been using Apple - Mango Tango gain for a number of years now. I love it because it gets my clothes clean and has a nice scent that doesn't seem to be overwhelming or linger for a long period of time like some other detergents can. On a side note my cat loves the scent. As soon as he sees his clean bedding he rolls around happily. This has been the only detergent scent he has done this with.

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  • Jsvsasmommee By  Jsvsasmommee    

    I really like Gain laundry detergent, it always leaves clothes smelling nice. The scent lasts for a while too.

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  • ashleytaz By  ashleytaz    

    ok I love Gain. wheather its dish soap or laundry soap. it is affordable and dosen't take much. Gain has the best smelling products out there. i love trying the new ones they come out with.

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  • quteepie By  quteepie    

    This product ranks up there with the big names, it cleans better than some of the others. it smells amazing....

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  • rachelrivera1313 By  rachelrivera1313    

    This has an amazing smell and is the main reason I chose to buy it. It cleans like any detergent would.

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  • corinnab By  corinnab    

    This is my favorite scent by far

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  • CoffeeForMom By  CoffeeForMom    

    Great product, leaves my clothing not only looking good but also smelling brilliant!

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