FyrFlyz Lighted Toys

FyrFlyz Lighted Toys

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At only $6, this was still one of the BEST toys I've ever goten my kids! I had to buy one for even my preschoolers because their older brother's was so much fun. Now we all have them and we go out in the yard to play with them in the evening.

these are the best ever.

My son loves this!!!

I hadn't seen this before until my 7 year old son got it as a gift from a neighbor. He loves it and I've even played with it a few times. He likes to turn the lights outand use it. Its a pretty neat toy.

My daughter loves this yoyo glow in the dark type toy. She like to turn the lights out and play with it.

My daughter and son both have this yo-yo and they just love it! They take with them everywhere so whenever they have a boring moment they can practice doing tricks. I like this so much better than them playing video games all the time

This a fun toy for all ages from 5 years and up. It is like a glow in the dark yoyo. My 17 year old was able to do many tricks and cant wait to bring the toy to a dance. The younger kids were able to make it work also. It makes a great stocking gift.