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  • alwaysinl0v3 By  alwaysinl0v3    

    Great flavors but seem a little watery to me than I expected. Love wild berry though

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  • ChristieLight By  ChristieLight    

    This is a real light fruit drink and has great flavor! I have had almost every flavor they make and love every single one of them. pay attention to the expiration date though because they quickly go bad if you don't drink them by the expiration date.

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  • Brenda121 By  Brenda121    

    I love Fuze. I'm going to have to buy some different flavors besides Passion fruit.. Pina colada sounds really good.

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  • delcoresident85 By  delcoresident85    

    I always love a good fruit drink, but when it causes you to gain a few extra pounds or have an awful sugary taste in your mouth, it's time to move on to something new. I have become a big fan of the drink line, Fuze. They have several different types of drinks including, Pina Colada, Banana, Goji Wild Berry, Passion Fruit, Fruit Punch, Strawberry-Watermelon and many more! The drink has a subtle flavor that isn't over powering and is good enough to have for breakfast. One of the biggest things I love about it is the fact that it only contains 20 calories in the whole 18.5 fl oz bottle, 2 g sugar and gives you Vitamin A, C, and E! Who wouldn't want to give this drink a try?!

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