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P&G Future Friendly Challenge: Final Week

(Posted May 4, 2011)

Its the final week of the Future Friendly Family Challenge!

Over the course of the challenge, we have covered the kitchen, living room, around the house and at work. We're sure there are many other places where you show off your Future Friendly ideas and we want to see and hear about it!

This week's theme is pretty simple: EVERYWHERE!

If you're recycling, reusing, and conserving anywhere else - we want to hear about it. That includes in the car, at your child's school or even in the backyard!

Since this is the last week of the Future Friendly Family Challenge, we hope your team takes advantage and racks up as many points as possible! Right now, the Energy Saving Browns are in the lead with a grand total of 180 points!

As a reminder, the grand prize is a $100 Gift Certificate to the P&G E-Store and SheSpeaks goodie bags for the team!

P&G Future Friendly Challenge - Week Four: At Work

(Posted April 18, 2011)

Welcome to Week Four of the P&G Future Friendly Family Challenge!

Do you bring a water bottle to work instead of using disposable cups? Have you started a recycling program at the office?

Even when we can’t change everyone’s future friendly practices in the office, we can lead the charge by showing how to recycle and reuse. How are you saving water, reducing waste, and saving energy where you work?

Each photo/video submission must show how you and your teammates either save water, reduce waste, or save energy while working.


April is Earth Month!

And that means every team that submits a video will receive a special eco-friendly prize and an invitation to apply for our next program!

**Please remember to include your Team Name on any photos/videos you submit.

Stay tuned for next week’s category!


P&G Future Friendly Challenge - Week Three: Around the House

(Posted April 11, 2011)

Are the crayons, pens, and pencils in a re-used shoebox? Or maybe you save rain water to water the plants and get e-bills instead of traditional paper ones? How Future Friendly are you and your teammates around the house?

April is Earth Month and that means every video you submit is not only worth 20 points - you’re also getting some eco-friendly prizes - that means you’ll get to recycle, reuse, and save in SheSpeaks-style!

Remember, each photo/video submission must show how you and your teammates either save water, reduce waste, or save energy!

**Please remember to include your Team Name on any photos/videos you submit.

Good luck and check back next week for a points update and new round of Future Friendly Family Challenge!

P&G Future Friendly Challenge - Week Two: In the Living Room

(Posted April 4, 2011)

Do the kids color on scrap paper? Is the lamp unplugged when you leave?

How Future Friendly is your living room?

Each photo/video submission must show how you and your teammates either save water, reduce waste, or save energy.

Remember -

  • Each photo is worth 10 points
  • Each video is worth 20 points

Please upload photos to:

Please upload videos:

**Please remember to include your Team Name on any photos/videos you submit. Check back next week for the next category and more ways to earn points!


P&G Future Friendly Challenge - Week One: In the Kitchen

(Posted March 23, 2011)

This week we’ll be focused on how you and your teammates are Future Friendly in the kitchen. Do you wait for a full load before you run the dishwasher? Or maybe you reuse glass jars instead of throwing them away?

How Future Friendly is your kitchen?

Each photo/video submission must show how you and your teammates either save water, reduce waste, or save energy.


  • Each photo is worth 10 points
  • Each video is worth 20 points

Please upload photos to:

Please upload videos:

**Please remember to include your Team Name on any photos/videos you submit

Check back next week for the next category and more ways to earn points!


How is your Future Friendly Challenge Going?

(Posted March 14, 2011)

How is your Future Friendly Challenge going? Are you involving your spouse or kids? We’ve collected a few fun examples from the Find Your Footprint contest to share and spark your family’s imagination!

  1. Did you know that by switching to biodegradable lunch trays, Edwin Markham Elementary has kept 130,500 Styrofoam trays from going to the landfill this year?
  2. Instead of throwing away plastic bottles, the Hope Academy Lincoln Park uses them for art projects in the style of Dale Chihuly (cool!)
  3. The St. Rose of Lima school’s "Green Team" uses money earned from Recycling to plan vegetable gardens that product healthy food for the parish pantry.

What are your kids doing at school at home to minimize their footprint? Do any of their schools have a "Green Team"? (We think that’s a really neat idea.) Share your ideas with us and check out some of their submissions for help!

And don’t forget to vote for your favorite Find Your Footprint entry at!

Find Your Footprint Finalists Announced - Vote Now!

(Posted February 23, 2011)

We’re excited to announce the six finalists of the Find Your Footprint campaign. Find Your Footprint is a national school conservation education contest aimed to inspire students to monitor and reduce their environmental footprint.

Saving Water 101 - Melissa Browning

Canceling Catalogs: A Documentary - Ted Wells

Helping the World and Saving Our Future - Betsy Wright

Let’s Be Green When It’s Time to Clean - Tricia Fugelstad

Waste-Free Fridays - Christine Wilson

Check out all the finalists and read their proposals on how to shrink the carbon footprint of their schools. The winning classroom will receive five interactive White Boards, 5 sets of 32 ActiveExpressions learner response systems, $1,000 worth of National Geographic materials and a free subscription to National Geographic Kids Magazine for each student! Vote for your favorite here.

We wanted to share a few excerpts from several entries from schools around the country to spark your imagination about ideas for involving your kids in conserving!

  • From Princeton, NJ, The American Boy Choir School’s entry has an idea that would save them 26,280 gallons of water a year: "Turning off the faucet [while brushing teeth] saves 3 quarts of water per brushing."
  • Bethel Middle Schoolers in Bethel, CT focused their entry on energy savings: "In order to reduce the amount of energy being wasted, we would like to use our natural sources of light."
  • Pinewood Elementary in Timonium, MD took charge of their waste reduction: "[We] would like to make Pinewood Styrofoam free. Each student will be responsible for buying a reusable food container."
  • Students at the Hope Academy Lincoln Park in Cleveland, Ohio learned that people are dumping too many plastic bottles into landfills. "We learned that plastic does not go away. We decided to collect plastic bottles from our school. We are going to use part of those bottles to make an art project...The rest we will send to a recycling company."

Stay tuned and visit to learn more!

What do your kids do in school or at home to conserve? Share your stories with a short video or photo of your kid’s eco-projects!

Inspired Little Acts

(Posted January 31, 2011)

Who are you being Future Friendly for? We believe that we’re taking care of this planet for the next generation. We want to make sure that our children see the Future Friendly habits we’ve adopted and begin to practice them.

Tell us how your children inspire you to conserve.What little acts do they take that can really add up! Share photos of your little ones at

Who’s in the Lead?

(Posted January 24, 2011)

Who in your family is doing the best with their Future Friendly Challenge? Is it Mom in the kitchen or Dad in the living room? We want to know!

Here are some highlights so far:

"I think that saving the pre-rinse step is AWESOME! I am glad that it saves me work and saves the planet!" - Idelia, SheSpeaks Member

"That’s great. It only takes little changes each day to make a big difference in the future. I’ve also, since starting this program, have made a conscious effort to buy energy saving products. In addition, I’ve gotten my family involved in the energy saving program’s process as well." - Cybrown551, SheSpeaks Member

What things help you stay focused on your challenge? What doesn’t? Share your answers here!

Ready, Set, Film!

(Posted January 18, 2011)

Now that you’ve read about so many ways to be Future Friendly, we want to see how you and your family are being Future Friendly!

Grab that video camera and show us what you’re doing in the kitchen, bathroom, living room or anywhere else in the house. Get creative! You can use the Future Friendly Resources when shooting your video. The most unique and interesting submissions will be featured on the Future Friendly Facebook Fan page!

When you’re ready to share your video, head to

SheSpeaks Goes Future Friendly

(Posted January 14, 2011)

After a fun-filled week of Future Friendly activities Team SheSpeaks in an effort to continue their goals have brought in their water bottles and coffee mugs to help reduce waste. No more plastic cups!

Check us out!

Remember, changing our habits to be more environmentally friendly is not a job for one person. We’ll want to hear how you have helped conserve by saving water and energy, and reducing waste.

Recycle This, Recycle That

(Posted January 12, 2011

One of the easiest ways to start reducing waste is to start recycling. Try starting in your kitchen,  here’s how to separate:

Paper - from newspapers to envelopes and cardboard to magazines, you can put all paper together. If it’s books you’re throwing out, try donating to your local library to shelter.

Metal - soda can, soup cans and juice cans all count as metal and should be separated. Aluminum pans, coat hangers and bottle caps go here too!

Plastic - try reusing plastic bottles for arts and crafts, homemade juices or sauces. If you want to throw them out, remove the caps and keep all plastic items together.

Glass - remove all caps and make sure you store glass in a safe container before recycling.

To help recycle, the SheSpeaks staff uses scrap paper for unimportant notes. (Remember, to print the Future Friendly Resources on scrap paper!)

SheSpeaks Saves H2O

(posted Jan 11, 2011)

Saving water can be as easy as turning the water off while you’re brushing your teeth. To help save water the SheSpeaks team has decided to not pre-rinse our dishes and only run the dishwasher with a full load. We are using Cascade Action Pacs which are designed so that you don’t have to pre-wash when putting dishes into the dishwasher, which can save you up to 2,600 gallons of water per year.*

(*based on a household usage of 12.5 gallons of water to pretreat at 4 loads per week.)

How are you joining the challenge?

Announcing...Future Friendly Week at SheSpeaks

(posted Jan 10, 2011)

Welcome to SheSpeaks Future Friendly Week! This whole week, we’ll be highlighting Future Friendly-related activities and giving away products that help you live a Future Friendly lifestyle. We want to see how you and your family are doing with your Future Friendly challenge. Share your stories, tips or tricks here!

We’d love to see how you are being Future Friendly. Upload photos to and videos to

We love hearing from you. Share with us your blog posts about being Future Friendly at and Tweet @shespeaksup - don’t forget to include #FutureFriendly.

See how Ann, our Community Manager, steps up to the Future Friendly Week Challenge.

Future Friendly Fun

(posted Jan 4, 2011)

To help yourself stay focused on your Future Friendly Challenge, try getting your family and friends involved using one of the Future Friendly Resources.

Try this: Token Test. Print out a sheet of the Tracking Tool tokens. Walk through the house with your children and find Future Friendly tasks. After explaining the task, take the token that best describes the task and tape it near the area. Every time the kids remember the related task, give them a token for them to keep. When the challenge is over, whoever has the most tokens gets a prize. Let us know how your children are being Future Friendly.

If you’ve snapped photos or taken video of your little ones being Future Friendly and want to share, head to

What other ways are you getting your kids involved?


Save Water with Cascade Action Pacs

(posted December 20, 2010)


Are you and your dishwasher best friends? If your answer is yes, we don’t blame you.

Nobody actually enjoys washing dishes so the convenience of a dishwasher can be pretty handy. When using your dishwasher, make sure to only run it with a full load and use Cascade Action Pacs. These fun sized dishwashing tabs are little but "pac" a huge punch when it comes to dirty dishes. You no longer have to pre-wash before putting items into the dishwasher so they can save any household up to 2,600 gallons of water per year*. (*based on a household usage of 12.5 gallons of water to pretreat at 4 loads per week.)

What are you doing to save water? Take photos and videos of what you’re doing to save water and share them with us at or If you’re more a writer and want to blog about your Future Friendly challenge, please send the link to

Remember to check the SheSpeaks Facebook Fan page to see if we shared one of your pictures, videos or blog posts!


P&G’s Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program to Donate 1 Day of Drinking Water for Each Future Friendly Challenge

(posted December 15, 2010)

Could you imagine not having drinking water for one day? It’s hard for us to imagine but to others it’s a harsh reality. Did you know that more than one billion people do not have access to safe water and that diarrhea caused by drinking contaminated water remains the leading cause of illness and death among infants and children in the developing world?

For each Future Friendly Challenge submitted, P&G will help distribute PUR packets to areas in developing countries that don’t have working water-filtering systems. (P&G and U.S. Center for Disease Control have specially developed these packets to remove pollutants from contaminated water.) To learn more and see a video showing how the PUR packets work, visit

That means if you send the Future Friendly Challenge to five friends and all five friends commit to a challenge, P&G will give five whole days of drinking water to a country that needs it.

Imagine how many days you could help donate if to 10, 15, maybe even 20 friends.


Welcome to a Friendlier Future

(posted December 3, 2010)


We are so excited that you’ve stepped up to the plate for the Future Friendly Challenge! By accepting this challenge, you’ll pledge to make a room in your home a little greener. You and your family can accomplish this by remembering the small things we tend to forget. For example, if you’ve pledged to make your bathroom greener, you’ll remember to turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth.

The Future Friendly Challenge focuses on three different ways you can help out:

  1. Save Water - example: Only run the dishwasher when you have a FULL load.
  2. Save Energy - example: Use rechargeable batteries in your small electronics.
  3. Reduce Waste - example: Donate old furniture to your local furniture recycler.

For more tips take a look at the Future Friendly page on Facebook to see what others are pledging to do.

Ready to get started?

  1. Step One: Pick your focus (saving water, saving energy or reducing waste)
  2. Step Two: Pick a room in your house
  3. Step Three: Pick a green-friendly activity you’ll pledge to do in the room you chose. Don’t see an activity? Share it on the wall and we’ll add it to the list.
  4. Step Four: Choose how long you’ll keep to your activity. (The goal is to make this activity a habit so the longer, the better.)
  5. Step Five: Choose an honest goal to keep in mind during your challenge.
Share the Challenge with friends and family to see who can stay on track the longest!