Fussy Baby? Why Not Let A Smart Bassinet Do the Trick!

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Oct 24, 2016

Sleepless nights rocking a crying baby may get a little easier for parents who are able to invest in a new smart bassinet designed to comfort a fussy baby. The bassinet is able to sense when baby is crying and try a number of tricks to soothe the infant back to sleep.

The Wall Street Journal reports about the SNOO bassinet designed by famed pediatrician Harvey Karp known for his tips on how to swaddle and soothe fussy infants. The SNOO has an industrial look and is equipped with microphones that can tell the difference between background noise and a crying baby. Once cries are detected, the bassinet goes to work trying to calm the baby.

Speakers hidden in the bassinet play white noise meant to mimic the sounds from the womb and a motor vibrates the crib in the same way riding in a car or on a train might feel. The sounds become louder and motion heightens only if the baby’s cries become more vigorous.

Dr. Karp explains why tired parents could really use the help of a SNOO in their nursery. He says, “Sleep deprivation plus the screams of crying babies are used to train Navy SEALs to endure torture. That’s everyday life for the average couple taking care of a new baby.” According to Dr. Karp, babies in a SNOO can usually be quieted in less than a minute. But he also admits that if the baby needs a feeding or diaper change, the SNOO will not do much. He explains the limitations saying, “We don’t want people thinking this is some kind of magic bed—a ‘Neglect-o-Matic’ or whatever you want to call it—where you just put the baby down and they sleep for eight hours. Babies don’t do that.”

Retailing at close to $1,200, it’s unlikely the SNOO will find its way into the nurseries of most homes. But Dr. Karp argues that the bassinet, which is designed for infants under 6 months old, is cheaper than a night nurse at just $7 a day.

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