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  • ShellM4 By  ShellM4    

    Great family game. Keeps you laughing as you try to search through a head for bugs, worms and just about anything you want to throw in there. Very fun!

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  • Dishuster By  Dishuster    

    This game was fun for our whole family! My kids especially loved it!

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  • tclarkusa By  tclarkusa    

    The thought of rummaging through a giant head looking for spiders, giant ants and worms may not sound like fun but if you're rummaging through Ned's head with a bunch of is an understatement. The premise is simple, everyone grabs a card and takes turns digging through Ned's giant, plush head, ears, nose and mouth in search of the item on their card. My kids loved it and my husband and I enjoyed playing along. Board games are a wonderful way to economically entertain and this is a game that everyone from the toddler to the oldest can play. Ned's head is machine washable which makes for easy clean-up.

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