Fun With A "PH"

   By drodriguez  May 03, 2011

Last month we shared the story about a brave little girl named Olivia who is facing some big challenges in her life. Olivia’s battle with Pulmonary Hypertension, the disease which causes high blood pressure in the pulmonary arteries and puts great strain on the heart, is something she struggles with on a daily basis.  

Fortunately for Olivia, she is surrounded by caring people who really want to see some progress in finding better treatment and a cure for her disease.  The Pulmonary Hypertension Association will be holding an Inaugural Power For PH - PHun Walk For A Cure in Olivia’s honor on June 5th at Roosevelt Park in Edison, New Jersey.

The proceeds from this walk will help support efforts to find a cure for PH through the Pulmonary Hypertension Association’s Reasearch Program.  According to PHA’s website, the organizations has supported “more than 44 promising researchers through four independently reviewed cutting-edge research programs.”  The walk will also serve as a way for families dealing with the disease to meet and form support networks.  

To find out more about the PHun Walk For A Cure and how you can help please visit:

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