Fun Bath Time Hacks for Kids & #SheSpeaksTV Giveaway!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 04.13.16
Fun Bath Time Hacks for Kids & #SheSpeaksTV Giveaway!
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Bath toys can be costly. But they don't have to be! Items you already have around the house can make the best bath toys with a little preparation and imagination. Watch SheSpeaksTV contributor Jennifer Borget, of Baby Making Machine, spill her secrets to a better bath time.

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Let us know in the 
comments section on YouTube here: What are your favorite ways to make bath time fun for kids?


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  • Chelseydewitt840 By Chelseydewitt840

    Latest bathtime adventure was for my one and three year old.bought a cheap pack of glowsticksand had a glow in the dark party bath! Super fun and super cheap!

  • stef42678 By stef42678

    Love bath toys to make the time fun!

  • KaitlinTilton By KaitlinTilton

    Anyone else ever bring a cup in the bath and old it upside down to make bubbles in the tub?

  • sthurberyoung By sthurberyoung

    By blocking plenty of time to make it work right...both kiddos are getting old enough that they do not relish mom coming along for the bath but...they are my kiddos...right? That;s my story and I am sticking to it least for now! Thanks for asking.

  • lisasam By lisasam

    Boats to play with and then bubbles for special occasions/great day/doing well, etc. Bath time is a great end of the day de-stressing time for us and a great bonding time.

  • floresv02 By floresv02

    my kids love bath time and will play with anything in there while they relax

  • nbruce By nbruce

    When possible, my 2 kiddos love bath time together! I even let them use their water guns and bubbles galore-they have a blast!!

  • hofken By hofken


  • Amberangel By Amberangel

    this is awesome and yet so simple!

  • KmomEof5 By KmomEof5

    I put color tablets in the bath to make the bath a fun color, then put in lots of bubbles! My kids love it!

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