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  • Carolmckinnon By  Carolmckinnon    

    Get flea drops

    As a cat lover I want to protect my cat from fleas. I found Frontline flea drops to be the best product in the market for my cat. It doesn't irritate my cats skin and can tell that it works fast from protecting them. It is expensive but it works so well worth the money.

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  • trishalynn0708 By  trishalynn0708    

    This is the only product I use for my cats. We had a really bad tick season this year and this protected her. I noticed also since we have been using Frontline for her for over a year now, we haven't had near as many fleas as we did in previous years.

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  • Coralee13 By  Coralee13    

    Very expensive, it worked great on three of our cats but the fourth had a terrible allergic reaction and almost died from it.

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  • BonnieMiller By  BonnieMiller    

    We tried this on our cat...and it did not work...the fleas was still there......

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  • lildebbie31 By  lildebbie31    

    Until this product comes down in price, I have a 4 pet home, there is no need to buy this over other products of the same or better caliber.

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  • MasterofMom By  MasterofMom    

    This stuff is expensive. There are quite a few brands out there that do just as good a job and aren't nearly as expensive. I find Revolution to work much better at keeping fleas and ticks off our cat and have stopped using this brand.

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  • jhurstmcelroy By  jhurstmcelroy    

    I've used this in the past when we had pets, and was always impressed with it. We moved into a place were pets were not allowed, however we have recently bought a house with a nice yard and are on a mission for the perfect pet!

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  • kentexy By  kentexy    

    Frontline plus for cats absolutely DOES NOT WORK! My cats have never had a flea problem before, but I began using Frontline recently and now we have a HUGE flea problem. I called my local cat groomer and he told me that Frontline is notorious for working only on dogs, not cats. He recommended that I try Revolution or Advantage but not to waste my money on Frontline for cats. Wish I had known that before my house became overrun!!

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  • momof4cuties By  momof4cuties    

    Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong with application of Frontline Plus? I purchased a 6-pack (for our two cats) at Costco and applied yesterday. I was under the impression that the fleas would die immediately after application. I brought the kitties into the bathroom this morning and did a thorough flea combing on them. To my utter dismay, live fleas were still everywhere on them. I thought that I had applied exactly as the instructions said. Either I've done something wrong, or the product is simply very poor. I believe the Costco brand which is less than half the price of Frontline Plus (maybe even a third less), worked just as well (which really means not too well), and it left the cats very greasy for about a week after and we still had fleas with that product too. I am not recommending either product. I haven't tried this yet, but I have read that (food grade) DE (Diatomaceous Earth) which you may be able to purchase at farm type stores or online, is a natural remedy for the issue of fleas in your home. It apparently dries the eggs up. You can also you it on directly on your pets. It is entirely safe to use (it can even be eaten), except to be careful with application into your carpets as it may create a dust cloud when applying and can irritate the lungs. You just have to apply gently. I am very disgruntled at the fact that I just paid $65 for a product that doesn't even begin to work. It is way too expensive to not have resolved the problem and I really hate using all of these harsh chemicals, but I want fast results. I really think that fleas are becoming resistant to all of these chemical products, because year after year the problem seems to get worse.

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  • itsallaboutthehair By  itsallaboutthehair    

    Frontline is a very good product, I prefer Advantage 2, but this is 20 bucks cheaper, and works just as well.

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  • MomeeGina By  MomeeGina    

    This works ok for my cats. I would buy it again.

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  • Susan11 By  Susan11    

    I have bought and tried it on my dog. It works very well, would buy again.

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  • upsadaisy By  upsadaisy    

    We've been using Frontline for both dogs and cats. It worked well in the past but we seem to be in a vicious cycle since the fall and can't get out of it. I'm going to bathe them with Dawn and I also ordered some natural spray from Yes, Frontline is expensive.

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  • steelkat By  steelkat    

    way to expensive specially if you have a multi cat home.... it is so important to protect our animal but it is just too costly to use this

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  • crismac By  crismac    

    Frontline is not doing its job anymore. I have currently switched to a natural product diatomaceous earth i mix very little in the food fleas and worms gone in both cats and dogs. Research your animals weight to see how much to give

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