Frontline  Frontline Plus for Dogs

Frontline Frontline Plus for Dogs

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Frontline is the best! I love Frontline. I have used it for 13 years on my dog and I would never use anything else. It works wonders! Scruffy never has any ticks thanks to Frontline!

Great for my dogs works great on my three dogs . I have not had a flea problem since using it and it is so easy to use. Takes about a minute no fuss and no mess .

Works great !! I have a chihuahua that is 10 yrs old and she has been using this product for most of her life . It works great , no fleas or ticks and she has never given me a hassle when applicating .

Horrible chemicals, and doesn't repel so the dogs bring in ticks

Does not work on my dogs at all. Was a total waste of money.

Does not work on my dogs. I wasted my money. I applied as described and followed directions but fleas were still there.

I use this for all my dogs. Keeps fleas and ticks away. Stays on even after a bath. Ticks just fall off.

This worked on my dogs when the apartment I was in was fleas. Love this product! It kept them off my dogs so they weren't tearing up their beautiful coats.

Having 3 dogs this can get pretty pricey, I would have liked it to work better. After only 2 weeks of applying this to my dogs. they were scratching and had fleas. I had to wait 2 more weeks before purchasing a different brand that at this moment seems to be working better.

These are really pricey but it's the only brand I get my dog. They even have them at the vet. I've been needing to get this again.

Great product that I use on my four dogs, I never have a problem with all the little critters that creep me out. It is long lasting, my dogs don't seem to have any bad reactions to the product, my only problem is the cost.

This seems to do the trick, I haven't seen any fleas on our dog, but I have to be careful myself with applying these products, I tend to get allergies from many of them.

It works, my dog is tick and flea free. And no secondary effects

I've used this on my dog since I got him a year ago. Never seen a flea or tick on him which is great since we live in a very wooded area. Wouldn't use anything else. A bit pricey but worth it if it keeps your pet and house flea and tick free.

Ive used this product for the last 4 years on my dog. Ive never found a tick or flea on him! I do use it all year round not just in the summer