Frollic Footsie Roll

Frollic Footsie Roll

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I test these footzyfolds out, and I really put these to the test. Over the weekend I went to Monterey, I must admit I was unsure of the results I would get from Footzyfolds to my surprise we walked every where that day & even rented bikes there. Footzyfolds held their own really well,You can keep footzyfolds in your pocket or your purse, it's so convenient! They come with two satin bags one for footzyfolds & the other for the shoes you are wearing when your ready to change to the footzyfolds, One large satin bag & one smaller satin bag, The company thought of every thing down to having these footzyfolds in a Pink & Black box with their famous footzyfold signature. Great to wear outside you can easily clean them. I was very impressed with the color choices with footzyfolds. Well, you can see by my picture they even come in patterns such as Leopard prints. You would need to go to their web site @[...] to see all they have, They also have Sandals that fold, And really cool socks and much more. The shoe is more durable with a stronger skid resistant sole. Its satin-lined interior and fashionably designed exterior makes the shoe every women's dream shoe, And if that doesn't get your interest up, Well check this out these women are Amazing they even figured a way to make a Footzy flop, Can you imagine how cool to have flip flops folding. We all know thats so cool. For example say your out and about & your feet get hot in those shoes you're wearing & it a pretty hot day outside, What could be more convenient than having footzy flops in your purse, And isn't it great they also have for kids sizes. Check it out any of the kids shoes on their site would be great for your kids to have in their backpacks at school. Slip those babies on & no more sore footzy. My opinion of these Footzyfolds is they Rock, I see these as a must have for every body, Come on are feet are important. Why make them suffer all day in those pretty shoes we all love to wear. Give your feet a break & still wear pretty shoes in comfort with footzyfolds, Jump onto their web site and order your today, Your feet will love you for it. This is my PR on Footzyfold, I want to thank Footzyfold company for allowing me to test their fun footzy shoes out. Much success to your company, You girls Rock! Marjorie7777