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  • jessicahjonessmile By  jessicahjonessmile    


    Tried a sample size and craving the full size. Little bit pricey for the product type though

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  • brejgeiselman80 By  brejgeiselman80    

    Beautiful product that's worth the price

    Love this! The color is similar to Clinique's Black Honey, it works on everyone . The scent is sweet and lemony. The actual products goes on smooth and keeps lips soft. I had to purchase a second tube because my older sister swiped my first tube from me and didn't give it back.

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    Love love love this tinted lip treatment. Leaves my lips like silk

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  • i_speaks By  i_speaks    

    I was a big fan of Fresh lip balms, but not the price. They do last quite a bit, but this last time I bought one, I realize that it actually melts when it's hot out. Not exactly a great application experience when it's a gloppy mess. I end up using my finger tips to apply. For the amount it costs, I expected much better.

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  • kayrod80 By  kayrod80    

    I got this as a sample it work good but i would not pay full price for it

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  • carson1091 By  carson1091    

    I got one of these for free as my birthday gift from Sephora. It was awesome stuff. It smelled so good and kept my lips moisturized in the winter. Even though I got a sample size of it, it still lasted a while. I see it when I go to the mall and I always want to buy it but I'm on a budget and its just so darn expensive. I use EOS lip balm because its cheaper.

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  • Emilyannsmith1 By  Emilyannsmith1    

    I received the free sample pack from Sephora on my birthday and I love both of them!

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  • mamakath By  mamakath    

    Very nice. Light and pretty.

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  • sell102 By  sell102    

    a friend gave this to me as a gift a couple years ago. i use nothing else, love Fresh products

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  • erinmartin By  erinmartin    

    Sooo yummy! Tastes amazing and leaves a great color!

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  • Sunflowercake By  Sunflowercake    

    Got this as a birthday gift from Sephora. Absolutely love this!!

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  • nikkilee0625 By  nikkilee0625    

    i got two of these for free at Sephora because it was my Birthday. I love them!

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  • Chardancer4life By  Chardancer4life    

    It's expensive but it lasts for quite awhile and itsbyfar my favorite lipgloss ever. I like the nintinted version that comes in the brown case best.

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  • Taylerbootz By  Taylerbootz    

    Uggg, the most expensive gross lipbalm ever. It sits on top of my lips very thick feeling. I expected a sugar smell/taste. Instead it's sickeningly sweet lemon. Cannot stand this. It's not even worth a penny.

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  • acohen By  acohen    

    Very moisturizing, nice subtle color, smells like lemon (which is lovely). I got these as gifts. I couldn't bring myself to buy these because they are expensive.

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