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  • rositoledo By  rositoledo    

    okay. I want to start off by saying that Fresh Step (in my opinion) is one of, if not THE, best cat litters around. I have three cats, all around the same age but mostly around 1 year old. You can imagine how much they eat, and with that being said how much they poop. i have a one bedroom apartment and since I've been using Fresh Step cat litter everyone that visits says they can't even tell i have cats. This specific litter, the lavender scented, is not one of my favorites, but it does work very well. I try to get my cats litter that is not so heavily scented. However, this one although being scented is not overbearing. I really recommend this litter for anyone who is obsessive about their home not smelling like poop.

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  • Mrsfrogprince2012 By  Mrsfrogprince2012    

    We find Fresh Step to work best for our two cats we usually stick to the original scent but do put air fresheners near our litter for peace of mind although as long as we clean the litter daily we have no Oder issues. I'd love to try the lavender scent if the scent is pleasing and cause's no issues for our cats we wouldn't have to purchase additional air freshener's for peace of mind.

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  • Jpurma By  Jpurma    

    I loved this product. As soon as I went back to the store to find another box, I was informed they were no longer selling it. I've looked everywhere, pet stores, wal mart, and target. Hopefully it comes back. Until it does, we will continue to use the other Fresh Step brands... as they work the BEST to control odors!!!

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  • tonia_jeff By  tonia_jeff    

    so hard to find this cat litter now they dont carry it anywhere dont want to live without it

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  • radar525 By  radar525    

    I really don't like the smell of this litter. I started using the unscented variety of Fresh Step, and was SHOCKED at how much better it controls odors! We have two cats, and since I switched from scented to unscented litter, no more stink. It was like something in the scented litter reacted with their urine. My cats don't have sneezing fits either after using their litter box :)

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  • holly669 By  holly669    

    I agree it works great & helps a lot with the smell. When I first pour this in, my cat will go crazy & want to play in the litter box & then just sit in there so maybe she like it too much. Of course, that just happens in the beginning when it's all clean but it does smell nice & clumps well.

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  • Shannontish By  Shannontish    

    I bought this on a whim, not really thinking it would work. Boy was I suprised! First while it can be slightly dusty pouring it into the box, it settles very quickly. I have 4 cats and all love it! I tend to clean the box out everytime I use the bathroom as that is where it is at, but for the sake of testing it out I left it for 2 days. NO SMELL! (Now I do have 2 litter boxes - one in the family room hidden and 1 in my bathroom). When I went to scoop it out, no smell! It smelled like lavender! I ran to my hubby and held the "doodie" bag as we call it, in front of him and he was like - aggghh and then wow no smell! My only problem with it was if it gets out onto the floor and gets wet - it had a tendency to stick on the floor. My soulution was to place a mat down and it solved the problem!

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