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Awesome!! I've never heard of this website before. I'm gonna have to check it out and come back to give you my feedback.

I really love this website! You can learn new words and do a good deed at the same time.

I love this website, these types of games are the ones I like most ( I also like the ESP game, labelling the web.). But I have no idea of the rice is actually donated. Does anyone else?

I checked this site out because I had never heard of it. I think it is a great idea and played for a while with the different subjects. I wonder if they have an app for this if not they should invest in it because i am sure it would def entertain people while helping others

Love this site! Wonderful learning tool for my children while helping others at the same time. What an awesome idea!

super fun!

i like it but we have to do it during school so it gets boring so me and my friends made up that we raise each other to see who can do it the fastest so were raisin money while havin fun my favorite is doin the italian

I love this! Perfect for wasting time,and you're helping people while you're at it

We used to use this as an SAT prep option for our high school students. If you click on the subjects link you can test your knowledge in different categories too. I get a kick out of playing and knowing that someone thought of a really clever way to help people out with something so simple and everyday.

O Kool , I never heard of this before.Sounds very interesing, I sure will check out this site too!

love this site helping others while learning is wonderful

I love this website! My bro introduced me to it a while back and I love learning new vocabulary while doing something productive! Very cool website!

I love this site- you get to learn and help the hungry at the same time! I also like how you can pick from different subjects.

I love this! It's so easy (and addicting) that I never tire of it. It's great for kids as well.