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  • sandysandmeyer By  sandysandmeyer    

    I received a perk on to try full-sized products from Freeman. I received Freeman Vita-K professional for deep facial lines, for crow's feet, and for age spots. There were two smaller samples for dark under-eye circles. I was surprised that I received full-sized items. * The dark under-eye circle cream make my skin kind of tight. I never noticed any difference in my under-eye circles. * I have melasma. (see this link for pictures) There is nothing that will make these spots on my face lighten unless it's professionally done. Needless to say, the cream for age spots didn't do a thing for me, except it made me break out with acne. * I have deep lines around my mouth and crow's feet (smile lines :) ) around my eyes and neither product helped with those. It's a good thing that I'm not ashamed of them because they prove that I smile a lot. ;) I have to say that all of these products left me disappointed. I'm not sure how a company can make such large claims, but not deliver regardless of the cost of said product. I can't recommend something that doesn't work and these products don't work.


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