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  • alison333 By  alison333    

    This one is for real

    This is the ONLY site I really trust for free samples and sweepstakes. Mostly my experience has been other sites are scams or the item offered for "free" isn't. Heather is totally legit and whatever is on this website is legit

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  • brandisweet03 By  brandisweet03    

    Love this site, huge fan! Have won a few sweeps that they posted, and love that they keep up to date in pulling the old posts. Helpful hints and great deals, have at LEAST 10 friends hooked on this site now and ALWAYS share this one. Never have to worry that scam sites are posted like some sites

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  • jygriebel By  jygriebel    

    One of the first savings websites I tried. It has changed a little in the last year but is still a good site.

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  • nana12 By  nana12    

    its A nice website for free sample that women can try

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  • goneinsane25 By  goneinsane25    

    I love this site for it overs sites for free samples and other things, I just love it!!!

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  • godsgirlforever By  godsgirlforever    

    This is one of the best freebie and mommy sites on the web. It's a must!

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  • natandtomsmom By  natandtomsmom    

    Love this site! She always has great deals and bargains not to mention giveaways and samples- alot of fun! Since joining three of my friends have joined also and its funny we tell each other about the newest samples or whatever and we always know what the others are talking about!

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  • kmp1919 By  kmp1919    

    Freebies 4 Mom is one of my new favorite sites. I recently found it through another blog and was very pleased that it really did offer great links and places to find actual freebies! I get a lot of emails about getting freebies but then they want your entire life history to get it, not here! I would highly recommend it to anyone!

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  • erinvictoria19 By  erinvictoria19    

    I love this site. It gives credit to other sites, it's not one of those "don't discuss other sites' kind of places. It gives credit where credit is due. It gives links to freebies, samples and helps with coupon shopping. It is a great web site, I love it. It is also a kind site, no negativity. I love that. She speaks is like that, too. I never hear people being mean to each other here, and I appreciate that.

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  • BrennasMama By  BrennasMama    

    I absolutely LOVE Freebies4Mom! It's informative, has great freebies that I know are safe and the blog is just fun!

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  • GetUpAndTryAgain By  GetUpAndTryAgain    

    I absolutely LOVE this site!!! This is my first time joining a site like this and I'm soo glad I did!.

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  • Dorotea By  Dorotea    

    The first savings blog that I tried and am very pleased. Good information and savings.

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  • missjf By  missjf    

    A very nice site. I love freebies!

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  • blessedwithtwo By  blessedwithtwo    

    Love this site.. It's help save so much and always shares free products and giveaways..

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  • your1chef By  your1chef    

    This is one of many blogs I read. Some days are better than others with finding deals through her info.

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