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Glee was cute the first season , after that its more like been there... done that

Glee was cute the first season , after that its more like been there... done that

What happened here? This show started out fantastic. Talented actors, watchable show, interesting story line. For all of two seasons. After that... I don't even know what happened. I mean it just went all over the place. It got to the point where I just started watching the musical numbers and fast forwarding the plot. That didn't help to wonder what happened. That only showed that many, many missed opportunities occurred over the years of erratic writing and direction. They bring back missed characters to show that they could have done some incredible things with them when they had them and just didn't. Then poof, gone again. They're in Ohio, they're in New York. There's new high school students you wonder why anyone would care about. All the while there's this incredibly talented cast that could pull off anything getting handed whatever it is that the writers have handed them since season two that passed as a script. I can't wait to see these actors and actresses in other things that will properly display their talent as the show began to.

I am not really much of a fav. Yes the kids are talented singers but it story behind the whole show is sorta lame and unappealing.

The early seasons were phenomenal.. However, I must say that the newer episodes are not as moving and as mind-blowing as the earlier ones but definitely a good show that I would watch any day.

i love this show it's really great those kids are very talented

The first two seasons were great! After that it went downhill quickly. The last season was unwatchable. It used to me fun, witty and quirky and now it's just uncomforatble to watch.

I was a die hard gleek up until the last season. I still have not made it through last season yet.

I loved this show up until this last season as something about it changed when the main characters graduated from high school and moved on, I didn't so much like the story lines even if the singing and performances have always been amazing.

I used to love this show. It was all about the kids and their singing. Now the show is ridiculous. It's more about teaching people lessons rather than being entertaining. It's no longer fun.

This show has changed me. Made me much more outgoing and happy. I absolutely love Glee. I've seen literally every episode twice, and some more than three times. It's the only show I never get tired of. I love all the original cast members. I honestly think that season 6 is a disaster though. Not only because Corey Monteith, my personal favorite actor died, but because they don't sing songs that make you want to dance like Glee season 1-5 has. Ryan Murphy should take his time writing each episode and NOT forget to include happy, energetic songs. Originally I fell in love with Glee because they sing so many 80's songs. But now, season 6 is kind of sad and has no plot whatsoever. It's just on going pointless drama that isn't heartwarming at all. I will ALWAYS love Glee. But I would enjoy season 6 MUCH more if Ryan were to include energetic songs and stop adding so many new cast members and rarely casting the ORIGINAL members. Corey may be gone, but all of the other original members aren't. I would enjoy seeing them in Glee Season Six. Thank you very much. Sincerely, a seventeen year old Glee fanatic.

I love this show. It is always fun with great music and singing. I love the plots and storylines. I am scared about the upcoming season, and very sad about Cory Monteith, but I will still watch the show.

I am GLEE obsessed! I could watch these shows and listen to the music all day!

I don't care if I am over 40 years old. I love watching these kids sing and all the drama. It takes me back...

I like the show, they always use the most catchy songs and I find my self singing them for the rest of the night.