Fox Family Guy

Fox Family Guy

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Family values out the door Not for me. Too much cut down humor. A lot of disrespect. I like living in a respectful kinder world. I would never watch it at all with my kids. There are a times funny moments but much of it is just crude.

Good comedy show Perfect background show. When I'm cleaning, cooking, working out. Doesn't matter, this show is all around. I laugh very often during this. My favorite season is season 16.

I've been a fan of this show for years. It's got edgey comedy and so many great quotable moments it has a lot of political points and is hilarious. It's gotten quite a few good laughs out of me. Each episode is pretty free standing so viewers can kinda just jump in to the show whenever.

PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME HILARIOUS adult cartoon. If you love crude comedy....this is a must watch. Guaranteed laughs!!

show is funny, keeps me laughing. one of my favorite shows to watch after a long day.

I live to watch this show, It' s not for children ofcourse but for adults, it's priceless, love it

Good adult comedy cartoon,however, it can be borderline offensive at times.

I've watched every Family Guy episode more than once and I haven't gotten through one without laughing. The show does joke about some controversial topics but sometimes we just have to laugh at ourselves. I can't find another cartoon comedy that comes even close to being as good as Family Guy.

This show is horrible...I cannot believe the things they say on prime time television and get away with it.

Great adult comedy. Some find this offensive, but I'm a fan of the extremely dark humor. I can't get enough of it.


Family guy is one of my favorite tv shows. This show is NOT meant for children, they even say that. This. Show is for adults and a mature audience. I love the cruel humor and the sarcasic references.

Not necessarily the perfect animation for kids but I love it, good humor for adults and a break from your reality tv

It's one of the funniest animated shows.

I rather watch the Simpsons