Forever 21 T-shirts

Forever 21 T-shirts

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i love the website. they have awesome shipping deals and great clerance selection...

Forever 21 is not just for young'uns. I'm a mom. I turn to Forever 21 for v-neck t-shirts, empire waistline shirts, and tanks. I can buy them in bulk because the price is right and toss 'em a year later for new ones from Forever 21. These tees are just the right fit for my body type.

Though inexpensive with a large collection, forever21 lacks a few things. 1. correct care instructions. I've had MULTIPLE incidents where it's "machine washable" but then the stitching becomes always handwash. 2. they lack the removal of damaged products from their floor (always always always check stitching!) and 3. organization of the floor. There are at least 15 people on the floor, they have time to reorganize, i've worked's not hard. You get what you pay for....

Remember, a general rule of life... you get what you pay for

Forever 21 has super cute and cheap clothing!!!!! favorite store!

i love forever 21!!!

i love all their shirts there soo pretty and comfortable

I just got a very cute tee with a graphic of 2 cats. SO adorable and the quality of the fabric is great. Very soft and comfy. For less than $10. Forever 21 Forever!

For inexpensive fashionable clothing forever21 is the place to SHOP!