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  • ashpadilla By  ashpadilla    

    Love the store and the brand!! Many different styles to choose from to satisfy anyone's inner fashonista!!

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  • mckenna2098 By  mckenna2098    

    love the store such cute clothes!

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  • fiberartist4u By  fiberartist4u    

    Actually I was in the store the other day, what I like about this store is that you can find clothing for older women that still look age appropriate

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  • ajcoupons By  ajcoupons    

    Really reminds me of when I was 21. That was 20 yrs ago. Maybe I'll get a few things and remind my husband of my youth!

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  • dtownraleighgirl By  dtownraleighgirl    

    The clothes range from cute to outrageously ugly. The prices are great but the quality matches the price. Its a good way to try out trends that you know are short lived.

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  • hiphopdancesocks By  hiphopdancesocks    

    Cheap products that knock off real fashion, they fall apart in a week, you even look tacky, my friend can spend hours in the store, i walk right by

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  • Bailey76 By  Bailey76    

    I love Forever 21! great prices and really great selection.

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  • Phoniex1018 By  Phoniex1018    

    absolutly love this store great prices and trendy item definatly in my top 3 places to shop

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  • breezy123 By  breezy123    

    Nice store GREAT DEALs!

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  • toofaced By  toofaced    

    Forever 21 is such a great store because of their great quality and low prices. This collection is so cute!

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  • taulbeegeorgie By  taulbeegeorgie    

    I have foiund that I do really like this store. I can sometimes find some really good deals.

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  • nolasco By  nolasco    

    i love this store

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  • ballerine_avec_ardeur By  ballerine_avec_ardeur    

    I really love their clothing. It is a quick and easy way to catch the trends at a local and affordable way.

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  • Gail25 By  Gail25    

    I lost weight and now can fit a Forever 21 L and size 30 jeans. The things that I have bought there have become my favorites. Being way way over 21 this makes me feel great.

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  • dannisarai By  dannisarai    

    Love forever21's clothes are very fashionable and cure on top of that the price is too.

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