Forever 21 Clothing Store

Forever 21 Clothing Store

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LOVE THIS STORE! Forever 21 is a great store for any occasion! They have clothes for a night on the town, or a big interview the next day! There are so many options and you're sure to leave with a bag full of goodies!

I love shopping at forever 21. First at all you can find fashion, best prices and a lot of option, just love it!

I am 38 and I cannot fit into any of these clothes. When I was younger and could, the clothes were a bit pricey and made very cheap. The shirts were thin and when washed once they looked like a rag. The stores now are sooooo big its overwhelming trying to look at things. The checkout lines are long and not worth standing in line for.

I shop this store because it is not pricey, but it stays really trendy and there is something for everyone. This stone offers many versatile styles to choose from. You won't leave with empty pockets or hands.

I'll give it a three stars. I actually like some clothes in Forever 21 and i could say that their products is always high when it comes to quality but sometimes their designs would actually make the clothing cheap. This dress is pretty cute but i hate the top, it looks inappropriate with the dress. But overall, i love it's design and color and it perfectly fits in summer.

very cute clothes and trendy accesories but the sizes are slightly small compared to the average womans body

I love Forever 21 for both my daughter and I. There's clothes are fun and very girley. I would buy her this piece because it looks like something that would become her favorite thing to wear and also in her favorite color.

I give it a 3 because the stores are usually ridiculously unorganized. However, online, it's easier to find things, I don't have to search for employees to not help me.

I like the store because they have cute stuff and great prices. What I don't like is that once you wash the item one time, it's practically time to throw it away from how it fades and tears.

I have always enjoyed shopping at this store. Great prices on a wide selection of clothes and accessories. Only downfall to this store is that some clothing options aren't every day wear pieces.

I love Forever 21. Very affordable, easy to find items you're looking for, cute accessories!

Forever 21 has some really cute pieces, but many of their products are cheap feeling or downright outlandish. What's good, though, is very good. Their jewelry supply is an especially great find, as there is a ton of variety for relatively little money. Not for the sensitive/allergic skin, but their jewelry and makeup are by far my favorite aspects of F21.

Fun style & afordable for all. I buy my daughter skinny leggings for under $4 full price!

I love this place and have been shopping here for the past 6 or so years. It is where I go when I need a cheap new outfit, or to find something (scarf, jacket, accessory) to go with an outfit I have in mind. Though not all of it is my style, I almost always walk out with something. Just make sure you have some time on your hands to exactly what you're looking for, because I am sure they have it.

I love all of the items in F21, however I NEVER like shopping in our local store. I go, have my daughter try things on, and then I try and find them online because there are never enough cashiers. No matter when I am in there, the lines to the register are insane which turn me to my laptop.