For the Love of Food on Labor Day Weekend

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Sep 02, 2011

“Like today I learned when you freeze bananas whole, they turn brown…It’s a discovery process.” @WiCProject

@WiCProject, along with hundreds of other SheSpeaks members, shared their successes and failures with healthy cooking this past Wednesday during SheSpeaks’ “Healthy Food Fight” Twitter Party (#SSFoodFight).

Brought together by a love of food and a willingness to share either great recipes or ask questions on where to find them, SheSpeaks members tackled topics close to any foodie’s heart. With over 12 million impressions and 4,440 tweets, for many, the “Healthy Food Fight” Twitter Party brought participants and their families one step closer to healthier living.

Food isn’t about just one person, it’s about the whole family and for this Labor Day weekend, we wanted to share with you the tweets that made us smile during the Twitter Party and ideas that we can all take away.
All of us have our own headaches when it comes to trying to incorporate healthy foods into our daily lives. For some participants . . .

“We joke that every recipe from my mom starts with a ‘add a big scoop of Crisco in the pan’’”
“The problem is my husband - The Wing King”
“One of mine (kids) would live on sushi, the other prefers chocolate”

But together during the #SSFoodFight Twitter Party, participants shared recipes and ideas on ways to work around these headaches and make healthy cooking fun again…

“I sneak veggies into meat dishes- he never notices”
“When little ones help you cook with healthy food, they are more willing to eat what they have made!”
“Use cut-out and turn carrots or cucumber slices into flowers or stars”
“I discovered my niece will eat anything frozen so I serve her frozen bananas, grapes & watermelon chunks.”
“We freeze yogurt for ‘ice cream.”

So this Labor Day weekend, we at SheSpeaks would like to help you and your family make healthy cooking as easy and enjoyable as possible.

For recipes from Bobby Flay that will do just that, go to

If you’re looking to grill this weekend check out this great guide with Chef Erin or find a tempting meal or dessert at from our other fabulous foodie bloggers.

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!
The SheSpeaks Team

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Bluebear by Bluebear | Maplewood, NJ
Sep 03, 2011

I really enjoyed the twitter party, I really like the artichoke and hummus recipe. I'm always looking for new recipes that make healthy eating delicious and fun.