For Many of Us, News is Just a Click Away

   By drodriguez  Oct 06, 2011

Rather than switch on the tube or crack open a newspaper, more and more of us are choosing to go online to find out what’s new. A recent SheSpeaks poll finds that 64% of us get most of our news online and 9.3% of us use our mobile phones to peruse the news.

Some of our members report switching between TV, online, and newspapers throughout the day. But whichever you choose, it is clear that with all of the many news source choices we have – the Internet has definitely gained some popularity.

A recent CNN report discusses a survey conducted by Pew Internet and American Life Project that finds a growing trend of people getting their news online.

With the wide array of blogs, online newspapers, and social media we’ve all become less loyal to one particular news organizations and are more apt to get bits and pieces of news reports from a myriad of different sources . The Pew Internet report reads, “To a great extent, people's experience of news, especially on the Internet, is becoming a shared social experience. The advent of social media like social networking sites and blogs has helped the news become a social experience in fresh ways for consumers.”

It makes sense that many of us turn to social media outlets for our news because it allows us to understand what’s happening in real time and can make us feel we are truly a part of it. Rather than flip on the TV just after feeling the effects of an earthquake or blizzard, we realize we can get more up-to-the-second news by looking at a Twitter feed.

Do you find yourself turning to social media outlets for your news during natural hazards like snowstorms, floods, and earthquakes?

Tell us how you like to get your news!

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mmbabiak by mmbabiak | NEWARK, DE
Nov 10, 2011

I do get alot of my news online. I try to stick with more reputable places like cnn and usatoday. So many "rumors" get posted on twitter or FB that I would never think of commenting or reposting until confirming first.

davandi by davandi | CONWAY, AR
Oct 12, 2011

The only places I go online to get my news are directly to the news sites (BBC, NPR, CNN, etc). If there are any natural hazards nationally/internationally I usually use these news sites. If there are any natural hazards locally I go to my television for the local channels. One exception to this is that when it snows I head to the FB page of my college to find out if there will be classes. I do not feel I would get enough information or the information could be incorrect if I relied on places like twitter or FB to get the news.

cocoabella by cocoabella | EL PASO, TX
Oct 07, 2011

Though I haven't replaced television news with internet news, I do get a lot of news alerts on line. My home page is MSN so I get all the latest news right away! I like to keep up on the latest news. I don't go for reading the paper so much. By the time I can read it in the paper I have already read it on line or seen it on one of the news network channels. Our local newstations have some great websites too which I can get the local news from.