Foodsaver Vacuum Food Storage

Foodsaver Vacuum Food Storage

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Saves food from freezer burn We are a hunting family, and with that said we tend to process our own meat each year. I use my Food Saver Vacuum Sealer every season. In a given year I will vacuum seal up to 100 lbs of meat for freezing. I have had some sealed for 2 to 3 years and when thawed it comes out exactly like the day I sealed it. This is a must if you tend to store or deep freeze anything for a length of time. Does great with fresh fish as well.

My parents had gotten me food storage as a house warming gift for my first apartment and I was so confused on how to use it or why I needed that when I could just use ziploc. Food saver storage bags are amazing because the 'machine? sucks all the air out of the bag so you won't have to worry about bags filled with air taking up space. It did me justice.

I received this a gift from my in laws. Can I tell of the best gifts ever! We have a large family and when they were young we would use the bulk packages quickly. Now they are grown and living on their own but I still find myself buying the large packages of chicken, pork chops, etc. Foodsaver vacuum is awesome.....I can still buy my bulk packs, break them down and vacuum seal them in pretty much no time. This thing works great and the meats stay fresh.

Love this machine. It's amazing how well this actually works. You can do so many things with this machine that the possibilities are endless. They sell a variety of sizes and types of bags so you can store anything.

I love my foodsaver! I use it frequently to repackage items (meat, fish, veggies, etc) I bought at our warehouse store. It also comes in handy to freeze leftovers and make freezer meals.

Easy to use. Love it.

lifesaver is more like it!!! Where I live meat doesn't typically go on major discount for smaller amounts. If you buy a small amount it will only be used for one meal but if you buy a bulk amount then it ends up ruined. This totally eliminates that problem and you dont have to worry about liquids leaking out like you do in traditional packaging.

It worked excellent!

Wanted one so badly, I asked for one for Christmas. Best gift ever!

Works great. I can buy in bulk and not have to worry about things going bad quickly. Especially with meats. I can seal it and it will last longer in the fridge.

Love shopping in bulk and this keeps food fresh until I need it. Many other uses like travel it keeps my jewelry from tangling when I make up little bags for each item.

We love our foodsaver! Especially when we buy things like meat in bulk we can use this to seal the meat so it stays better - longer. Great way to preserve your food for long term storage in or out of the freezer.

I absolutely love my Food Saver! I use it for all my freezer storage, it helps saves the life of all my food! It's also saved me a lot of money, as my frozen goods do not freezer burn at all anymore! I always buy the bags and rolls at Costco, and i maybe buy them twice a year. I have also gone through way less gallon ziplock bags since using my Food Saver. Being able to cut to an exact size also saves me space in my freezer. I can go on with how much I love my Food Saver, no complaints.

This was another kitchen gadget I was really glad to get, because with the size my family is we were always buying the family sized packages of meat. Again worked really well for a while and than just seemed to lose power and would leave a lot of air left in the bag, after it was sealed.

I love my food saver. I use it almost every day, at least 5 times a week. The bags can be a little pricey, so I found a lady on Ebay who sells food saver bags for cheap. I highly recommend this product.