Food Network Favorites:  Recipes from Our All-Star Chefs

Food Network Favorites: Recipes from Our All-Star Chefs

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It has so many great, new, fresh recipe ideas. I loved this because we were able to try something new so many times and even the kids enjoyed all of what we cooked. The recipes are fantastic!

Bought this book book because I love Paula, love her cooking all the recipes of hers was want I wanted to cook. If I wasn't in the mood for what she makes everything else in the book is amazing and so easy to follow the recipes!

Food Network Favorites: Recipes from Our All-Star Chefs is awesome. Got it for Christmas last year (I think) and I feel like I use it every day! But I also love any sweets cookbook. YUM!

I love this cookbook. My daughter is always borrowing it and then when I find I need it I always have to go next door and borrow it back. Ha!

This is my go-to cookbook. Love all of the recipes!

This cookbook makes me feel like I am a talented cook and that I am able to create beautiful masterpieces that will impress my friends and family. Full color pictures and easy to follow instructions are ideal for even the novice cook. If looking for one cookbook, this is IT!

I LOVE this book!! The recipes are delicious, and it's written in a way that makes it easy to try them! I love TFN, and this book just makes my day! The chefs are down to earth, and make it seem almost effortless. I couldn't recommend this book more! :)

the great thing about this book is that its easy to follow along...yes its written by professional chefs....but the directions make it so easy anybody can follow along......

I love Food Network. And I just love to try new recipies. I have printed so many recipies of their site it would be so much easier to have a cookbook of theirs to try.

I love watching Food Network, so when I saw this particular cookbook in the bookstore I had to pick it up. I found many great recipes that I enjoy making.

I received this as a wedding gift and had lots of time over the summer to try out several of the recipes. I found a few of the receipes much too involved for a beginner cook but my husband and I loved several of the desert recipes! The pictures are very nice quality and the steps are straight forward for several of the side dish/ appetizers as well.

Love this book. I love that there are many different recipes from many different chefs. Almost all the recipes are fabulous!

We have watched the food network for years and I was excited to have a book with something from everyone on the network. Once I opened the book, the pictures where mouth watering and the directions where clear. I have made some of the meals from at least 6 different chiefs and my daughters love the meals. I have had a problem making some meal with everything that is in the ingredient list since I live in a small town and our local chain grocery stores don't carry the ingredient needed. We will use this book often and can't wait to keep making meals that please the eyes as well as the stomach. (9 year old daughter said it looked good and the 4 year old said she likes the taste) so making them happy is all that counts for me.

When this book first came out I had to get. It was out of this book that my hubby made Rum buttered -glazed grilled pineapple.(by Bobby Flay) . The book is well put together, pages not overcrowded and the pictures a re vivid and true results are shown. I love making a complete meal using different courses from different chefs, the recipes are great for enertaining. This book is worth adding to any cooks collection.

I just love the food network shows! When I came across this cookbook I had to have it. I love it because it has many of my favorite chefs recipes and lots of new ones. I love trying new recipes and making great meals! I have actually gotten this cookbook for gifts for some of my recent friends who just got married and they love it too!