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  • msRenee By  msRenee    

    I love the Food Network channel!! Anything to do with food I am there!! I also love the different programs they have. I love the recipes they show as well.

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  • Joeymommy By  Joeymommy    

    The concept of the show is actually okay, but it is just so so boring...I've watched it twice, and never found myself watch it EVER AGAIN...I'm sorry to tell this to Aida, but this is one of most boring shows I've ever seen...

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  • eethar By  eethar    

    I liked it but so far it has not presented any new information. All the information provided can be found on other food network shows.

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  • rockyroad777 By  rockyroad777    

    it's different i like it.

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  • nfabros By  nfabros    

    I like Aida. I love the premise of her show. Unfortunately, all the recipes I have tried are mediocre at best. I think she does give useful tips..sort of a less intimidating Alton Brown if you ask me.

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