Food Inc. Movie

Food Inc. Movie

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This is a useful documentary for people who want to learn more about the American food system. It includes interviews with all the big names in food analysis and is credible (not wildly biased).

Thismovie openedmy eyes to the way american process food and the way americans consume food itreallly makes you think about how we consume things and how we take for granted outbodies when eating proessed food

Don't watch this movie if you want to eat normally. It will make you question a lot of things and there's a lot you don't want to know. Some things I have to question, did the sensationalize?

This is a good movie to watch,it has some intensity to it but their is a great deal of information on the food we eat and where it is sourced.Their are parts that are hard to watch but I think this is information that everyone needs to know and it did make me glad that I am growing more and more food on my own each year.

Couldn't stomach to watch this in its entirety. However, after seeing the small portion that I did. I was astounded at what I found. Most Americans have no idea what goes on behind closed doors w/ their food. Ive surely taken a new road in that dept. Being a foodie, I have learned that if you grow it yourself (veggies, grains, etc) and have your own sustainable resources, its just a whole lot better and safer also. Plus, it doesn't hurt the environment as much or the poor animals involved.

This movie changed trying to pick up more organic which is actually not that much more expensive than the regular..i try to eat whats in season now and started enjoying vegi burgers with salsa on top. sometimes i still buy meat tho because its just to expensive and husbands dont wanna go vegitarians..but its horrible what we actually eat, no wonder that kids these days develope way earlier..

Very good documentary. I didn't want to watch it because I didn't want to know what I was eating. I liked my hamburgers and chicken, but now I don't know what to think. I think I'm making better choices for myself and my family.