Food Frenzy Friday: Oreo Giveaway #SheSnacks

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Apr 18, 2014

Congratulations to our winner 123raven1

Happy Friday! As a reminder, if you participate in our Food Frenzy Fridays you will be able to enter to win some of our favorite snack foods in the month of April.

Celebrate this Food Frenzy Friday with a glass of milk, a twist, a lick & a dunk – you guessed right, we’re giving away Oreos.

Enter for a chance to win a year supply of Oreos!

How to Enter
All you have to do is comment below telling us how YOU eat an Oreo! (All in one bite? Dunking it in milk? Eating the frosting and leaving the cookie?)

One lucky commenter will be chosen at random to win 10 boxes of Oreos (100 sleeves)!

Share With Your Friends
Let your friends know about this giveaway by tweeting it with the hashtag #SheSnacks

Entries open until Thursday, May 1st 11:59pm ET. Open to U.S. residents over 18 only. The Nabisco Company does NOT sponsor this giveaway; it is a SheSpeaks giveaway.


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dreamstar1666 by dreamstar1666 | lehigh acres, FL
Nov 26, 2018

milk or smashed up and with vanilla ice cream as a shake

Tysonsmommy by Tysonsmommy | Whitwell, TN
Jun 11, 2014

I prefer to dip half of the Oreo in milk and leave the other side dry. Oreos are my favorite cookies!

marc4401 by marc4401 | Williamsburg, KY
May 19, 2014

I like to twist them open and scrape cream filling out with my teeth I then dip the cookie part in coffee or hot coacoa and eat them, recently at worked I dipped some oreos in jalepeno cheddar cheese dip and shockingly IT WAS DELICIOUS!

jbenson89 by jbenson89 | NAMPA, ID
May 17, 2014

mmmm!! love oreos! I prefer to dunk mine, in milk until it's nearly falling apart.

MardyL by MardyL | longview, WA
May 09, 2014

I like to eat the filling out first,.then.dunknrhe cookie in a glass of milk. Yummy !

video312 by video312 | Columbia, MD
May 02, 2014

I eat it all in one bite. hmm

mebalicious by mebalicious | PITTSBURGH, PA
May 02, 2014

I like to savor mine slowly with a cup of coffee. Other times, I enjoy crumbling some oreo cookies up and adding ice cream and chocolate or butterscotch sauce for a delicious sundae.

julga27 by julga27 | SYRACUSE, IN
May 02, 2014

Oreo's are the favorite cookie in our home there's nothing like eating a late night snack of a pack yes a pack of oreo's dunked in a cold glass of milk taking it nice and slow so every yummy bit is enjoyed :) till next snack night see you then Mr.Oreo:)

njsunbunny by njsunbunny | BEACHWOOD, NJ
May 02, 2014

I like to eat the middle first and then dunk the chocolate part in ice cold milk!

zzsmmy62510 by zzsmmy62510 | lexington, KY
May 02, 2014

I eat mine two ways, always alternating. First, twist, lick and crunch. Second, dump the whole thing in milk until it almost falls apart so it's all gooey and eat it.. YUMMY

Amy222 by Amy222 | Greensburg, PA
May 02, 2014

I eat the cream first. Then eat 1 cookie at a time. If I dunk them in milk, I eat the whole thing in 2 bites. Either way, they are so yummy.

Cinntara by Cinntara | Port Orchard, WA
May 02, 2014

Either dunked in milk or I twist open the cookie eat the cream first then eat the cookie part

daisygirl26 by daisygirl26 | WEST JORDAN, UT
May 02, 2014

I always break my oreo and eat one side at a time followed with a glass of milk

AML6349 by AML6349 | ANN ARBOR, MI
May 02, 2014

I dunk it halfway in until soft, then eat it. Then I keep doing that until the cookie is gone! The trick is knowing how long to keep it in the milk so that it softens, but not so much that it breaks off into the milk!

meekoswonders by meekoswonders | Mount Sterlings, KY
May 02, 2014

I eat the cookie of one side then eat the other half of the cookie with the cream on it.