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Food Frenzy Friday: Oreo Giveaway #SheSnacks

Food Frenzy Friday: Oreo Giveaway #SheSnacks

Congratulations to our winner 123raven1

Happy Friday! As a reminder, if you participate in our Food Frenzy Fridays you will be able to enter to win some of our favorite snack foods in the month of April.

Celebrate this Food Frenzy Friday with a glass of milk, a twist, a lick & a dunk – you guessed right, we’re giving away Oreos.

Enter for a chance to win a year supply of Oreos!

How to Enter
All you have to do is comment below telling us how YOU eat an Oreo! (All in one bite? Dunking it in milk? Eating the frosting and leaving the cookie?)

One lucky commenter will be chosen at random to win 10 boxes of Oreos (100 sleeves)!

Share With Your Friends
Let your friends know about this giveaway by tweeting it with the hashtag #SheSnacks

Entries open until Thursday, May 1st 11:59pm ET. Open to U.S. residents over 18 only. The Nabisco Company does NOT sponsor this giveaway; it is a SheSpeaks giveaway.


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  • spark5 By spark5

    I prefer doublestuffed oreas. Yes - I dunk in milk. And sometimes I just eat them plain.

  • jia_biswas By jia_biswas

    I twist it open lick the cream and then eat the cookie.

  • Misspackard87 By Misspackard87

    I don't mess around. I eat mine in two bites!

  • Kikab1977 By Kikab1977

    I eat it in 1 bite !!!! with chocolate milk lol

  • Krisbee4 By Krisbee4

    I dip it in milk. Then let the milk drip off. Then dip it again. SOFT GOOEY SUCCESS EVERY TIME!

  • SugarCookie14 By SugarCookie14

    Mix it with ice cream or with hot chocolate quite opposite ends of the spectrum but that's me I kinda like them all sorts of ways and don't want to eat them plain unless you made me. They are sooo good.

  • Lila2004 By Lila2004

    I separate the filling from the cookie, and set the cookies aside to put into a blender and crumble for ice cream topping, then I pile the fillings one atop another in a stack of five or six and chow down on all that creamy goodness. YUM!


    I like the first take the cookie apart, the lick both sides (if the cream didn't seperate correctly) then since i dont like milk, I smooth Ice Cream and chocolate Syrup on it. I'm lucky enough the pounds have packed on yet.

  • smartlady By smartlady

    My kids loves Oreos they are delicious.

  • CeeCee82 By CeeCee82

    i like to twist mine apart eat the center then eat the two sides one at a time after dunking them in milk ..... mmmmmm so yummy that way!!!!

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