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  • MzRenee By  MzRenee    

    I love this product...Nothing beats a fresh cup of coffee in the morning..And ot smells so good

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  • Megstar By  Megstar    

    Best store bought coffee!

    Folgers is the best store bought coffee there is! I am loyal to the brand and when I saw this vintage collectors tin I bought 5 of them!

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  • Lindajoy1219 By  Lindajoy1219    

    We only use Folgers coffee in our home. We love the vintage can look.

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  • GodElsa By  GodElsa    

    The best coffee!

    This is my absolute go-to coffee every morning ! My family is obsessed. The coffee is strong and has such a bold flavor. Usually you can?t even taste the coffee much because of sugars and other added variables but this coffee is amazing and nothing overshadows the flavor!

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  • kashcart83 By  kashcart83    

    Folgers..the best part of waking up..

    I love the vintage looks nice on my counter. Folgers has always been my go to coffee. Delicious flavors!

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  • wendypol By  wendypol    

    One of my favorites

    I love that it's not a bitter tasting coffee. And there is no after taste either. Probably one of my favorite coffees around.

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  • gigi62 By  gigi62    

    Folgers Coffee

    I am a Folgers coffee drinker. I love the vintage tin it is the perfect addition to my coffee bar.

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  • maradra1983 By  maradra1983    

    Folgers wakes me up!

    I love Folgers coffee, it always help me wake up and regain my energy in the morning. This vintage can is so classy, take you back in time in a good way!

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  • Dzenita By  Dzenita    

    Folgers Coffee

    This is my go-to coffee. I have tried many different brands yet find myself going back to the Folgers brand. I do get the French Vanilla version though as it gives me a bit more flavor. I definitely recommend this brand.

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  • Guccigurl By  Guccigurl    

    I love it forever

    My family rely on folger it's the only coffe the world hands down,it never change the taste is always original and fantastic, I drink it everyday i can't imagine buying anything else and I love it forever.

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  • Mindi66 By  Mindi66    

    Never Disappoints!

    This is the only coffee my hubby will drink! His mom bought it and no matter what I buy, he always prefers the Classic Folgers. I do drink occasionally & it is a good cup'o joe!

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  • KatelynandRomeo2018 By  KatelynandRomeo2018    

    Folders vintage coffee and can

    I enjoyed the coffee and better yet the vintage look to the can bringing it back I love that

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  • Jackieray By  Jackieray    

    I am a fan !!!!

    oh the smell - the taste - the smooth flavor no after taste - I use the k-cups I am a fan !!!!

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  • TrulyImperfect By  TrulyImperfect     SheSpeaks Tester

    My favorite coffee!

    I love this Folgers Classic Roast! I am a huge coffee drinker, and can be very particular about my coffee! I love the bold flavor of this coffee! It's not too strong and is not bitter at all! I like to add cream & sugar in my coffee. With some brands of coffee, the coffee taste gets lost in the cream & sugar, which I hate! I like to taste my coffee! However, with Folgers Classic Roast, I was able to add my cream & sugar & still enjoy that coffee taste I love so much! I absolutely loved the vintage can as well! I saved it & will definitely be repurposing it!

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  • Roscoemom By  Roscoemom     SheSpeaks Tester

    Rich, great taste!

    Total YUM! I think this is the best Folgers Coffee I have had so far. It has a richer flavor then the original blend (what I normally buy) and just tastes a little "bolder". I don't like super strong coffee but I like my coffee to have a rich flavor and not weak. Worked very well in my coffee maker. I gave some to my parents to try, the are long time Folgers drinkers and they really liked it.

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