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  • Heather1980 By  Heather1980    

    Can't beat Folgers coffee

    Drinking a cup right now. Can't beat Folgers coffee as far as I am concerned. I love coffee but I am not a coffee connoisseur. I just love coffee and this is my go to.

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  • Kissmekatedelta88 By  Kissmekatedelta88    

    Folgers Classic Coffee

    Awesome product! What would I do without you in the morning Baby!

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  • 17lauramarie By  17lauramarie    

    Best for home brewing!

    My go-to coffee every morning! It has amazing flavor, and it's the only coffee I truly love brewing at home. It runs in the family, as my siblings and parents also exclusively brew folgers!

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  • JoBevara By  JoBevara    

    Yes yes

    Folgers is one of the coffees which I need first in morning to wake me up from my bed.

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  • Mombie By  Mombie    

    Folgers Medium Roast Coffee

    My go to brand. The aroma is like no other in my opinion, as well as the taste. The different strengths, flavors, and overall affordability is an added bonus. I will definitely continue to purchase this product. I definitely recommend at least trying the product, and have had friends switch to this brand.

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  • AndolinaZ By  AndolinaZ    

    I never go a day without it.

    Folgers is the only coffee I buy for my home brewer. I love that they have so many varieties to match all different tastes. My favorites are the Gourmet Supreme and the Black Silk. Such a great flavor, you can tell they are a quality brand. Never wake up without my Folgers.

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  • Kattay1 By  Kattay1    

    The best

    My favorite coffee. I love waking up every morning and opening the lid to the fresh smell and the smell of the coffee going all through the house. It's always fresh and better than any other coffee.

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  • Bobbers789 By  Bobbers789    

    Good coffee

    I love waking up to the smell of folgers coffee first thing in the morning.

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  • teannaxxjade By  teannaxxjade    

    This is by far my most, absolute, favorite coffee ever!

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  • Pinkprincess717 By  Pinkprincess717    


    With a distinct taste that starts smooth and finishes bold, the flavor of Folgers Coffeehouse Blend coffee comes through even when you add sugar or cream!

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  • MistressSaucebox By  MistressSaucebox    

    A taste of home in every mug.

    This is what I brew when I need a little bit of home. 17 years that I've been drinking this, and I'm happy to say it's still the same great taste I've grown up loving.

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  • Telesa By  Telesa    

    I truly love Folger's!

    My family gets the dark roast, but we find it a bit bitter. So, we put some salt with our grounds when we make it, and it makes the bitterness go away. I use just regular creamer, sugar, and some vanilla, and it tastes wonderful.

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  • BlogginMamaB By  BlogginMamaB    

    Folgers Coffee...Yum!

    The best part of waking up is most definitely a whole lot of Folgers in my cup! I am a coffeeholic (lol) and Folgers is the only brand that I have come to enjoy. They offer a wide variety of flavors and brews, and are always priced fairly decently for coffee! I love their packaging, and the fact that their coffee tubs are reusable! This will always (hopefully) be my #1 go to brand!

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  • rolsri17 By  rolsri17    

    great coffee for everyday use, aroma is so good....makes you feel all refreshed in the morning

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  • feeshea By  feeshea    

    I love the Folgers black silk variety the best it's dark and rich. The classic is good but not as good as the black silk.

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